Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Vegas, Interrupted

So we are officially canceling Vegas. My heart is just not in it anymore. I feel like I put some hard work into this, into the research and working on a date that works for everyone and whatnot - and it was all for naught. So, M&D keep saying, we'll just do it next year! But I don't think so. Well, let me rephrase - if someone else plans it, I will go along. But I cannot see myself planning it again. I think it would be so much fun and everyone would have a blast, but I am not putting the effort in again.

Besides, next year we might want to go to Disney instead with Princess. I don't want to do a trip where the whole time I am trying to figure out who can watch her at night, like for Vegas. I want to take her on a trip that she will enjoy. So, we'll see.

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