Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Its a Boy!

I was going to wait until I saw him to post so I could add a pic, but I couldn't wait. Carson Roddick Tramontin was born yesterday morning, 9 pounds 12 ounces, 23 inches long. And I couldn't be happier that he was a boy.

See, my FIL has been so set on having a grandson, its not even funny. Really, not funny at all. When I was pg with Princess and found out that she was a girl, his reponse was - well, you'll just have to try again. When my SIL found out she was pg this time around, he told her she better have a boy or don't bother bringing the kid home. Now don't get me wrong, he loves his 2 granddaughters, but he wants boys. So, now he has a grandson, and the pressure is off me. Because if we do have another baby at some point, I want another girl...and I don't want his attitude.