Saturday, February 05, 2005

My Thrifty-ness Unappreciated

Once Gymboree puts their Paper Lanterns line on sale, I am so buying this. Ridiculous how much kids clothes cost, but I figured that when this outfit goes on 25% off, and I get my extra 5% off, this will be marked down from $96.50 to $68.78. Oy, that's so much money. Well, maybe we'll just get the shirt and the hat. NEEEEEED the shirt and hat. Can do without the pants and jacket. Oh, need the socks, too.

I went to Daffy's yesterday and got the deal of a lifetime (or so I am telling myself). Last year at the little boutique by my house, I spent a small fortune on a great Zutano dress for Princess. I got it post-season, so I got a decent deal, but still a small fortune. But here's the best part - at Daffy's, they now have that same line from Zutano, so I got great deals on a pair of shorts, a top, overalls, and a reversible hat! I feel so thrifty since I got such a good deal and she can wear the hat with like 3 different outfits. I told Hub about my great moneysaving excursion, and he was not so impressed. What does he know???