Monday, February 21, 2005

Countdown : 4 Days Till Good Times

Snow Problem, Mon
It has snowed here in Jersey Girl Land, about 6 inches or so. No biggie. The world is not coming to an end. But let me tell you about some of the a-hole neighbors I have.

Hub had to work today, even though its President's Day, so I was left to do the shoveling. Not a problem, I do my part. Its about 9:30, and I hear a snowblower going outside the house. Aw, how sweet, one of my neighbors is taking care of the snow for me. Aw. Yeah, right. I look out the window and there is my neighbor from 2 houses down, snowblowing his propery and the one between ours, and stopping just at my property line. Now, lest you think we have been rude to this guy in the past causing him to not want to help us, this is not true. This guy commutes into the city and walks to the bus stop, and Hub has picked him up and driven him more times than we can count. And, the guy in between our houses is a young, single, athletic guy who can certainly shovel six inches of snow himself. Mental note to self - NO MORE RIDES FOR YOU, MR. SELFISHMAN.

So I am fuming that this guy is so rude, I mean, our properties are 50x100, you are not talking about all that much extra work. So I get ready to go outside and I am putting my Doc Martens on, ready to stomp the guy if he's still out there. When what do my wondering eyes see, but my female neighbor from the house on the other side, shoveling my walk. I'm like, what are you doing??? She said, Hub always helps me and I know you have the baby, so I am more than happy to do it. Now, she is not snowblowing, she is shoveling. I tell her to immediately stop and that I am coming right out. And of course I thank her.

So then I am out there shoveling what's left (which is the driveway, the toughest part since its packed down from Hub driving over it) and my neighbor across the street comes out and starts slowblowing. When he is done, do you think he came over to assist me? NO. He went back in his house, after waving hello to me. Now why is it that the less-than-100-pound woman next door is willing to SHOVEL and the two men with snowblowers can't help a sista out? Ergh. So, I am going to bake brownies for her today to thank her for being a kick ass Jersey Girl. Boys stink.

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