Friday, February 18, 2005

Countdown : 7 Days Till Good Times

Ah, thank God for my friend Patsy. Next Friday we are having a girls night out, wherein we will go to our local dive, drink too much, fend off smelly suitors, and talk all night till they kick us out of the bar. I cannot wait. When I hang out with Patsy, I am my old self again. I can leave all my new responsibilities with Hub for the night and have good ol' fashioned drunken times. The last time we went out, Patsy got mad at some guy who was taking our pictures with his digital camera so she threw several of those really heavy shot glasses at him. Hard. And she has good aim. When he complained, the bartender kicked him out for messing with us. Ya gotta love a place like that. Plus, I think Springer and Jen are joining us...which should be fun because Springer (as her nickname implies) has a juicy story to share. Yum. I always wonder how such a nice girl can have such a crazy life with so much drama.

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