Monday, February 28, 2005

Demon Seed

Why is it, exactly, that Princess insists on being an angel all weekend long while Hub is here, and then turning into a demon seed during the week while he is at work?

Example #1: On Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, Princess took 2 naps each day of 3 hours each. Today, she got up at 7 am, its almost 11:30, and we are napless thus far.

Example #2: Also this weekend, Princess fell asleep for her naps about 3 seconds before her head hit the bed. Today, she has been exhaustedly rubbing her eyes in desperate need of a nap - yet she has been screaming in her crib for an hour.

Now, tonight, when Hub gets home, he will see me worn out and frazzled and think I am faking...because Princess is an angel, right???

As my parents used to say...its a good thing she's cute.

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