Thursday, February 17, 2005

Are you really out there?

How odd to be scanning through my previous posts, seeing if I had written about anything other than ebay and baby clothes, to find that someone had commented on one of my posts. I, of course, assumed it was my sister as she is the only one who knows about my blog. So imagine my surprise when I click on it to see what she had to say, and it was from someone else! Someone I do not know! Someone who stumbled across my blog and thought it was a little funny, at least funny enough to read and comment on!

I have been pondering this a bit. I started writing this blog for myself, just as kind of daily journal of what I'm up to, what I am thinking. Maybe I started it because I am a stay-at-home-mom right now, and I don't really talk to anyone over the age of 14 months all day, 5 days a week. So this was my way of conversing (even though the 14 month old talks back more than the blog - at least till now). But I didn't think anyone else was reading this stuff besides me. Now, I know my sister reads it. And at least one other person read it at least once. Will this knowledge change my approach at all? Will I have to try to be more witty and clever and talk about topics other than what's on sale at Gymboree?

Nah. The Paper Lanterns line was finally on sale yesterday, so I got the shirt and hat and socks. But not the hat I wanted - they only had a 6-12 month hat and that is waaaay to small for Princess's oddly large head. So I am now on the hunt for the reversible hat that I really wanted, but I have the other one as a back up, just in case. And, I got a long sleeved Goldfish onesie and a Dandelion Wish headscarf that I know she will not keep on for more than 1.5 seconds, but its so cute I couldn't resist. And that put me at $53 and change, then I used my Gymboree Visa for another 5% off...and it came to just over $51 which qualified me for Gymbucks! And isn't that the whole goal in life, to get Gymbucks?

And, I have made about $70 on ebay so far and have more items up for sale. Its just so time consuming to write descriptions and load pics and all its coming in dribs and drabs. You should see the is overrun with baby clothes to sell. And, I even find myself shopping for Princess and thinking, this is a great resell brand! Ergh.


KARCHAMB said...

Princess does NOT have an oddly large head. Princess has a perfectly shaped head.

Her large headed aunt

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Thanks, Large-Headed Aunt. I attribute it to the large size of her brain.