Friday, February 18, 2005

How Cute is Princess?

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So I went to Gymboree today to return some of what I bought the other day. Well, exhange, really. Because I didn't like the hat I got her, and I didn't love the goldfish shirt either. And the shorts were yellow, which is unflattering on us pasty white folk. So I returned that stuff (keeping, of course, the Paper Lanterns shirt and socks, which she wore yesterday to rave reviews) and wanted to exchange it for other stuff. The lovely woman at the counter said that I had to turn in my Gumbucks because I would be spending less than $50 once I returned the stuff. I calmly explained, as Jersey Girls are known to do, that I was not returning, I was exchanging, and would still be spending $50 once I picked out stuff to replace the stuff I was returning. Lovely Woman did not understand this and tried to take my Gymbucks. Um, no, you don't take my Gymbucks. So I said, then give me my stuff back, and I will return ALL of it, and then rebuy it. Huh? Lovely Woman did not understand. Finally someone else came over and I calmly explained once again that I was in no way giving up my Gymbucks because I was, in fact, spending over $50. Ah, this one gets it and lets me exchange my stuff and keep my Gymbucks. Or, maybe she didn't get it and just wanted me to go away. Whatever.

My sister blogged about our uncle being in a car accident yesterday. We are both finding it hard to feel any real emotion about it, though "thankful" comes to mind because no one else was hurt when he fell asleep at the wheel and hit a parked car. See, he is one of those people who tries his best to get on your bad side and usually does. He is mean to his wife, mean to his kids, and most importantly to me, has been mean to my mom. Now, his health is failing because he has been sick for years and never bothered to take care of himself. But I don't really have any sadness that he is sick or that he was in an accident. When I heard about it, my response was, "oh." And I feel a little badly about that, because he is, after all, my uncle.

I have blogged a few times now about Billy Lane, the hot chopper building stud who I met last weekend, fell immediately in lust with, and then yesterday fell out of lust with. I am realizing its not so easy to fall out of lust. Reason does not come into the picture, does it? The fact that he has exhibited traits that I would never find acceptable in a partner doesn't really matter, because the reason for lust is not that you want to marry a person. Or even date a person. Its just that you find the person really really hot, and their personality doesn't matter that much (even though when I met him, he was SUPER nice and very, very sweet). So basically what I am saying is, I am back in lust with Billy, only for the physical. And its going to take me a while to get over him. Does that mean my feminist card gets revoked?

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