Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Quick Sketch Biography of True Jersey Girl

One of my awesome twitterfriends, Chris Brogan, has the best way of communicating and starting conversations. He poses questions, short and sweet and thought-provoking, on twitter and we all think and respond and dialogue about them. Now he's taken it up a notch and asked us to do a Quick Sketch Biography. Now, Im fairly sure mine is going to be less-serious and less-techy than anyone else who answers, but its my biography and that's who I am. Its a great little exercise. So here's me, quickly, based on Chris's prompts:

The thing most people know me for is: being a little crazy and being able to have a good time no matter what else is going on.

The people I associate the most with are: people who also make having a good time a priority and who are good people despite their sarcasm and angst.

People who have influenced my life are: my parents. They raised me to think for myself, to speak my mind, to be strong and independent, to stand up for what I believe and to be able to take care of myself. They raised me to care about and be sensitive to other people (ok, so I struggle with that one sometimes). They taught me patience, mostly by displaying such undying patience with me as a rebellious and unruly teenager and continuing to show patience with me as a rebellious and just slightly less unruly adult. They taught me to love learning and reading and writing and traveling and being an active part of the world. Thanks mom and dad <3

One challenge I took on and overcame was: becoming a good mom, despite my mostly non-maternal instincts, my innate selfishness, and my “the-world-revolves-around-me” attitude.

My early years, before you probably got to know me were: wild and insane and a blur and definitely the best of my life.

You might not know this, but: I devour all the political shows on Sunday mornings, watch the cable news channels every night, and read the Sunday paper (nearly) cover to cover because I love knowing what is going on in politics and the world, even though it infuriates me.

I’m passionate about: my daughter, my family and friends, traveling, margaritas, and good music.

In the next year or two, I hope to: be promoted to Director, go to Oktoberfest in Germany and maybe back to New Orleans or Vegas, take my daughter to her first concert, and get one of those Sharper Image massage chairs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I wanted to do a post on Bamboozle because really, it is my favorite weekend of the year. Bamboozle is a two-day alternative/emo/punk/metal concert/festival/thingee held in the parking lot of Giants Stadium each May. It started as a much smaller festival in Asbury Park and has progressed to a huge event.

The crowd at Bamboozle.

Last year was the first time I went, and that was really only because Jared Leto was going to be there with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. And well, he's hot. It was so much fun and I found so many new little bands that I would never have heard of if not for the concert. This year, My Chemical Romance was headlining Saturday night and Linkin Park was headlining Sunday night, so there was no way I was missing it. If I couldnt find a babysitter, I was prepared to sell Princess to the gypsies if need be.

PatsyDarling and me, drunk at noon.

So Saturday started out great, with me, Patsy, and Diddy doing what we do best - sitting in the parking lot drinking. Hub went into the concert early by himself while we stayed and drank till we could barely stand. By then it was about noon or so and we headed inside to see some bands and continue the drinking. The truth is, I dont remember much about Saturday's shows other than seeing MC Hammer (and no, I dont remember if he was wearing the hammer pants) and pushing my way up front to see MCR. I had a whole list of bands I wanted to see, including times and which stages they were on (yep, Im a dork) and I know I referred to said list often because I do remember my friends mocking me about it. But the only way I know I saw some of the bands is because I posted it on twitter. Said by me on Sunday: "Oh, I did see Paramore, and I see from my twitter posting that they were good!"

Me at Bamboozle. Very drunk.

My Chemical Romance was good - not the best I have seen them. In fact I guess it was the worst I have seen them since the other times have been kickass and this time, despite my love for Gerard Way and my excessive alcohol intake, I knew his voice just didnt sound great. But I was standing on Frank Iero's side of the stage and he's so purty, it made it all worthwhile. I think he is overtaking Gerard as my dirtyboycrush of the moment.

Frank Iero = total hotness

Sunday started off in a similar way to Saturday - we met up with my cousin in the parking lot and she shared her vodka with us. What a nice family I have. However, I remember a lot more about Sunday. We saw some of my favorite bands - Armor for Sleep, Circa Survive, Brand New, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Thrice, From First To Last, and Taking Back Sunday. I also saw Halifax who I've never seen before and they were really good. Linkin Park was awesome. This was the first time I have seen them even though I have loved them for yeeeaarrsss, and I wasnt disappointed. I actually think Chester's voice is better live than on cd.

All in all, good times. body ached for days afterwards from the two solid days of standing and walking and mosh-pitting. So now we're considering the Virgin Festival in Baltimore in August, but we're wondering if our old, decrepid bodies can take it. What a drag it is getting old.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Never Blog Anymore

I have been completely neglecting this blog and probably no one even comes here anymore since I never post. I know, I suck.

If anyone even cares anymore, here's what's been up with me:

- Had an awesome party the night before my basement flooded, and am having another party on May 19th even though my basement does not have walls or carpet or anywhere to sit. But the beer fridge and the blender work, so its cool. Its a CD exchange party where we all make CD mixes of our favorite songs and then burn enough copies for everyone, so you end up with lots of new music. I am struggling with what to put on my mix though because I know my friends hate my music. I am thinking I am going to do an all My Chemical Romance and Bjork mix, just for PatsyDarling, because I know how she loathes them and I want to torture her. Here's a pic of me and PatsyDarling at the last party, drunk as usual but festively dressed:

- Just came back from Disney, which was fun. But tiring. I'll probably get around to doing a post about it. Eventually. Maybe. We'll see.

-Went to both days of Bamboozle, which was awesome. Saw My Chemical Romance up close again, and saw like 30 other bands including Taking Back Sunday, Linkin Park, Brand New, Spill Canvas, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Armor for Sleep, Circa Survive, Thrice, From First to Last...and the list goes on. Highlights (other than MCR and Brand New) were seeing MC Hammer and Weird Al. Yep, you read that correctly. Good times. Drank again with my (slightly) underage cousin, although this time she provided the alcohol.

Ummmm yeah, I think that's about it.