Monday, January 31, 2005

What's Up With Me

As we speak, my sister in law is at the hospital in labor. Hell, for all I know she had the baby already. Her last kid came out in under 4 hours total, and I got the call from them at about 8:45 this morning that they were on their the baby may be here.

They are those people who don't find out the sex of the baby before birth. I suppose its for the surprise factor, but they are lesbians so one would think having a baby at all is a big enough surprise. For me, a straight woman, getting pregnant was a shock (though I had been married for about 6 years) and that was surprise enough. It was a happy surprise, but still a surprise.

So, they had a little baby shower (for a second kid? I am still not sure about this...) and everything they got was yellow. Everything. Most of it had ducks on it. Of course, I went to Gymboree and got a gorgeous "Spoiled" velvet one piece (ok, that was white, not yellow), and a striped onesie with cute matching fleecey overalls with monkeys on them (quite yellow). Nice things, but it would have been so much nicer if I could have bought cute blue or pink stuff. Not that I am judging their choice or anything, its totally a personal thing to know or not know. But help out the shoppers, find out the sex.

But, its perfect timing because qualifying for Gymbucks starts today, so I can go there and get some cutesy things once the kid is out. And then spend the Gymbucks on my own kid. Woo hoo!

This coming weekend, I am going to start selling on ebay. My little princess has SO many clothes its not even funny. I think I have mentioned before my addiction to shopping for her, so I have to start selling off the stuff that no longer fits just so I can buy more stuff that does fit. Its officially becoming a vicious cycle.

Well, I lost 10 pounds so far this year. Its going very well. Only 55 to go, which I want to meet before October when we go to Vegas. I can do it I can do it I can do it....

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hillary in 2008!

As a pro-choice Democrat, I find it hard to understand why no pro-choice candidate has taken this approach before. Its been my opinion for years. Check it out.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Save Me From My Granny Panties!

This is freakin brilliant. Thongs in a dispenser, so if you are caught in your grannie panties right before a hookup, you can save yourself. Plus, comes with a breath-freshening tablet. They thought of everything!

(Thanks to

Cabin Fever

It is so cold here, its not even funny. Here in Jersey, we are used to getting a few sub-zero days here and there, a few feet of snow over a whole winter, and then whaddaya know, its spring. But it has been freezing for weeks now. And with the Little Princess, its hard because I don't want to take her out in the freezing cold if I don't have to. But gd it, I am getting cabin fever and I just want to go outside!

Scary moment this morning - I was carrying the princess up the 2 steps in the living room and I tripped over the baby gate (which I now call the Gate of Hell) and she went flying, flat on her face. Blood everywhere. I thought her two bottom teeth had been knocked loose, I was totally freaking out. Luckily, she had just bitten her tongue and that was where the blood was coming from. It finally stopped bleeding and after a few hairy minutes, she went back to her usual happy-go-lucky self. I think she is so used to being knocked around by Gypsy that this was just a little rougher than usual. I am raising one tough broad here.

Oh, and she now knows the sounds a monkey, lion, and pig make, and she started saying hi. She is the best.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Totally 80's

I love me some 80's music. Of course, being the quintessential Jersey Girl, I love Bon Jovi, but they can hardly be called an 80's band anymore, being that they stay current. But I love 'em all...from Motley Crue to Cinderella to Def Leppard to Kix to...well, all of 'em.

So I am listening to the radio the other day and what do I hear? TESLA is touring, and will be in Jersey on March 2!!! OMG! I have to go! So I email Joe and I talk to hub, and I call g'ma and g'pop to babysit...and hell yeah, of course we are going! I can't wait.

I am so 80's, just without the big hair.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sunday, January 23, 2005

My Weekend

Friday night, I went out with my gf Patsy. Since I had Princess, Patsy and I don't go out like we used to. We were regulars at our local dive, every Friday night, without fail. Well, I miss it. I am mommy all day and night, and even if I am feeling decidedly un-mommy, I am to tired to do anything about it. So I emailed my girls and said, lets do girls night out. Of course, Patsy was the only one up for it (what lame friends I have these days), but that was fine. We went out, drank many beers, talked all night, and before we knew it, it was 2:30 am and the bar was closing. The night just went so fast. It was so great though, to just hang out and talk and drink and laugh and drink and tell stories and drink some more. I need to do that more often.

Saturday, the snow started earlier than expected. But hub loves to drive in the snow so off we went to get baby gates and go to the mall for baby shoes. Of course the stores were all closing or already closed when we got there - you know how people freak out when it snows. But there were so many people on the road, it was ridiculous. I thought we'd be the only crazies out there. So we took another route home, avoiding the jam-packed highway...and drove up near WS's house. Even hub remembered that's where WS lived. Butterflies...Now I am trying to avoid the sound of the snowblowers and shovels outside and pretend I don't have to get out there and shovel. Hub is still asleep so I'll wait till he forces me to help shovel. Ergh. But at least that counts for exercise today, right?

And, speaking of exercise (of which I have done NONE since last Sunday) - I did fit into a pair of jeans that did not fit me scant weeks ago. Progress. I don't think the pounds are coming off like I had hoped, but its still progress. I have till October to meet my goal, so slow and steady is just fine.

And finally, my computer woes. I always think of myself as fairly computer-literate. I have always been the one everyone goes to when they need computer assistance. But lately I am feeling so left behind by technology. This whole blogging thing is totally new to me and I feel so lame at it. I was trying to upload that pic of Ophelia and it took me all day to figure out how to do it. And I am looking at all these other blogs and realizing mine could look so much better, so I find new skins I could download but have no idea how to do it without f'ing everything up. Ergh. Before that, I sign onto itunes and it says there is an update available, so I try to download it. Hmm, well, here's what happened - it deleted the old version and when it was downloading the new version it encountered some issue with Quicktime and would not download. So I was itunes-less for 2 days. What is a girl to do without her daily "Drop it Like its Hot" fix? Thank God, I just tried again to download it (ah, the almighty "turn off the computer overnight and hope it fixes itself" approach) and yippee, it worked. Snoop is back.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


I feel like Ophelia sometimes. And she looks so beautiful here. So tragic. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

100 Things

Here is my first semi-cool blog-type-thing: my list of 100 things about me. Enjoy.
1. I am a Sagittarius and generally fit the profile.
2. My daughter is one too, and I hope she fits the profile.
3. I am generally considered to be pretty outgoing, but inside I am just a little bit shy when I meet new people.
4. I love, love, love to throw parties and have a good time.
5. I get along better with men than with women.
6. I think more like a man.
7. When I get together with my friend Patsy, I can be totally insane.
8. A lot of people are afraid of pissing me off because I can be a real bitch.
9. I have traveled all over the world and the only place I have been that I would not move to is Houston.
10. My elaborate plan is to move to New Orleans and open a bar with Patsy called “Hysterically Blind.”
11. I got one of my nicknames, “Deb,” from the HBO movie Hysterical Blindness.
12. I have a very close family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, great-aunts and uncles, etc.
13. My friends all want to be part of my family.
14. When I was a kid, my family used to go down the shore and stay in a pink house.
15. I think John Cougar wrote that song "Pink Houses" for me.
16. I tend to dislike people immediately upon meeting them; its just easier.
17. I am quite sarcastic and my humor puts some people off.
18. I don’t care that it does.
19. I love Big Cheez-its, but not the regular sized ones.
20. I love to take photos of everything and want to look at them all the time.
21. That's why I have 100's of framed pictures in my house.
22. Every guy (except one, damn him) I have ever given my phone number to has called me.
23. I knew the night I met my husband that we would get married.
24. I was bummed because I was having so much fun being single.
25. I dated a guy for several years before that, and I broke his heart.
26. On my first date with my husband, I started a fight with him because I didn’t think he was being respectful enough of me.
27. He has been respectful ever since.
28. No guy has ever broken up with me.
29. Most guys think I am the coolest wife and wish they could find a wife like me.
30. I love sports.
31. Watching them, not playing them.
32. I love hockey (Devils), baseball (Yankees), and football (Giants).
33. I can put a hex on a field goal kicker if necessary.
34. I have the most beautiful daughter in the whole world.
35. Strangers tell me how beautiful she is all the time.
36. I am addicted to ebay.
37. It used to be for drinking paraphernalia for our basement bar.
38. Now its for My Chemical Romance stuff.
39. I love dressing my daughter every day in pretty or cool things.
40. I am ½ of an elite drinking team.
41. Me and the other ½ searched high and low for a third, but no one can keep up.
42. Its better to be 1/2 than 1/3 anyway.
43. I hate people who drive slow in the fast lane.
44. It’s the passing lane, so if you aren’t passing anyone, get out!!!
45. I hate driving with my husband due to his road rage.
46. My sisters-in-law think I am a spoiled brat.
47. I don’t care.
48. If you like to have nice things and you can afford it, why not?
49. I’d rather not pick things out of the garbage to place in my home or on my kid, thankyouverymuch.
50. I don’t like to participate in home improvement projects.
51. I prefer to supervise.
52. I currently run a Human Resources Department for a large company.
53. I love having my own office with windows.
54. My daughter is very happy in daycare so don't give me shit about it.
55. I like all kinds of music except country.
56. OK, and I don't really like top 40 either.
57. I am currently obsessed with Gerard Way and My Chemical Romance.
58. Until I met my husband, I was sure I would marry Jon Bon Jovi.
59. I still might.
60. I have seen Bon Jovi in concert about 50 times (maybe more).
61. I generally prefer heavier, harder rock and punk.
62. I wanted to play drums when I was in 3rd grade but was refused because “girls don’t play drums.”
63. I played the flute instead.
64. I think this is why I am a feminist today.
65. Had I played the drums in 3rd grade, I am sure I would have fulfilled my true destiny in becoming a punk rock star.
66. I have a pit bull named Gypsy who is the sweetest, lovingest dog you could ever meet.
67. Gypsy is gentle with my daughter and would never hurt her or anyone else.
68. Gypsy is afraid of vacuum cleaners, but kills bugs for me.
69. I sometimes dress Gypsy in a doggie Giants jersey.
70. I highly dislike people who are prejudiced against pit bulls; its no different than being prejudiced against certain types of people.
71. I am only prejudiced against one type of person – stupid.
72. I hate to cook.
73. I love to eat.
74. I despise parents who allow their children to act up in public.
75. Or in my home.
76. I don’t believe in spanking, but I do believe in consequences for your actions.
77. I think Coors Lite tastes good.
78. I love frozen strawberry margaritas on a hot day more than just about anything.
79. I can drink most men under the table.
80. I haven’t thrown up in 7-ish years.
81. That may change this weekend.
82. I am pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-freedom of speech, pro-American.
83. I am one of the most patriotic people on the planet.
84. I am very liberal because I don’t really care what anyone else does as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.
85. I am a registered democrat.
86. And I vote.
87. My favorite book of all time is The Bell Jar.
88. I’ve read it over and over and over.
89. I love to scrapbook my daughter’s life.
90. I don’t really tell my friends about it because they would think its lame.
91. I’m not sure why I care.
92. I wish I could surprise my husband and buy him a Harley.
93. Someday, I will.
94. I am generally an optimistic person, but people think I am a pessimist because of my attitude and sarcasm.
95. I accidentally stole a brick of cheddar cheese from the supermarket once, because I gave it to my daughter to play with and forgot to put it on the checkout belt.
96. I don’t feel bad about it because they make me stand on line for cold cuts for 20 minutes.
97. I hate food shopping and leave immediately if the senior citizen buses are there.
98. Overall I think I am a pretty good person.
99. And I have led a very good, blessed life.
100. And I hope I continue to do so, because I am enjoying every second of it.

Lovin' the Blogs

I have to admit, I have become completely addicted to reading other people's blogs. I know no one reads mine, and the reason I know this is that I have not told anyone I have it. Rightnow, its just kind of a personal online journal for me. And after reading other people's blogs, I have no intention of telling anyone about mine, because mine ROTS in comparison.

The blogs I have read have been smart, funny, irreverant, and interesting. They also look great, and I can't even figure out how to upload pics onto mine. Ergh. I hate feeling left behind by technology or trends or especially by technological trends.

So my next few posts are going to be stuff I lifted from other people's blogs. I am going to do a "100" list and a "3's" list...and I am going to try to improve my writing and make it more interesting and clever.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Two boring and eating

So I must stop ebaying and spending money.

I am really enjoying not "working" and instead staying home with the little princess. Seeing her accomplish all new things and learn and see things for the very first time...I can't help but feel that these times are just irreplaceable and I am so grateful to be home with her.


We cannot afford it. I can't stay home much longer. And I cannot stop spending money. I have to convince myself that the less money I spend, the longer I can stay home. So, I will not go to Gymboree except to exchange the long sleeved shirts I bought her yesterday for short sleeved ones. I will not buy anything for myself until I lose more weight and buy some flashy stuff for Vegas. And I will not ebay...ergh, even as I type that one, I know its easier said than done. I am watching 4 items, and when those are up, I am done. I won't even check to see what new things have been listed. I can do this.

On another note, my diet is going exceptionally well. I am pretty happy because I don't feel deprived at all. I am eating massive amounts of fruit (mango, anyone?) and cut out all the really bad stuff (like Entenmann's chocolate donuts...mmmmmm). I have been keeping myself very active - moving all the time - and it feels good. Scared to weigh myself on Sunday though, because what if I am feeling so positive and then haven't lost? Can the "feeling" of doing well sustain me for another week without the pounds coming off too? Well, it will have to, because I am in Chris and Ally's wedding in November, plus we have the Vegas trip in October...and I want to be thin.

Week 2 is going well and I am happy about it. I actually was thinking yesterday...well my first week is a success so far. Meaning that the time on the diet is going fast and I am not feeling deprived. That's a biggie.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Of Mooses and Sponges...and Nannies, too

While watching WifeSwap last night, I came upon some interesting and frightening information:

1. There is a man named Moose who lives within 5 miles of me.
2. He hangs out at one of the same bars I do.
3. He has the same exact insane, psychotic "sponge system" as my husband - the 3 tier sponge system where you use the newest sponge for the dishes, then as that becomes soiled you move it to the counters, then finally to the floors. I did not know anyone else had a "sponge system" and I am terrified that someone does and that I could run into him at any time.

I also watched Nanny 911, which I love. However I am quickly coming to the realization that everything that is wrong with kids is the mom's fault; the fact that the dads are absentee is inconsequential. Every week, the kids are out of control, the moms are totally overwhelmed and sobbing for help, and - where's dad? off to work! see you later once you fix this mess! Why is it always blame mommy????

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Surreal Life on Crack

Is the new season of The Surreal Life not the f'ing funniest thing ever? I mean...first you have that freak Chyna claiming the "little room", drinking all the airplane bottles of liquor, walking around in a fur bikini and high stilletos...then you have that freak Adrienne, beautiful but obviously super-starved for attention, who lets her new housemates whom she has never met before eat dinner off of her naked body - and the best is that she gets offended by mini-me touching her nipple - you are naked on a table with food on your boobs, lady, what do you expect?...then you have Jane from the Go-Go's, who we find out is not only totally cool (at least so far) but is also a S&M Queen (isn't she too busy waterskiing in a tiara with Belinda Carlisle to get freaky like that???)....then you have Peter Brady, who is like a dad to all of them, taking care of all their minute problems, letting mini-me caress his face while hammered - but yet his bod is nearly as good as Marcus's...then of course you have dear Marcus Schenkenberg, who seems at least to this point to be totally vacant, to have no personality at all (what a shock, a hot model boy with no personality? NO!!!!)...then we have Da Brat, who has this crazy idea that she is really famous and everyone else there is a has-been - someone has been telling that girl some lies...and finally - - - MINI ME, who is just the funniest little man I have ever seen. Perhaps the funniest person I have ever seen, ever. He seemed like he might be a dick when he first got there, riding on his scooter, demanding his little room from big mean Chyna, calling his agent to complain - but then, the alcohol started flowing. Mini was sloshed...and naked, peeing in the living room...and making orgasmic sounds in bed while touching Peter Brady's face in an odd, scary way....and tipping over like a weeble after repeatedly hitting Peter Brady's arm....ah, just too funny.

The show is now a caricature of itself, just as The Real World quickly became the "Let's Get as Many Hot People Into a House and See if They Will Do It in the Hot Tub"...but damn, at least its fecking funny.

The Only Boy Who Ever Broke Your Heart

I am newly obsessed with the band Lucero. What scares me is that they are classified as a country band...I so don't see that. I mean, there is a little bit of twang in with the punky angst, but overall I think they are more rock-ish. Am I just saying that so I don't feel like a redneck hick for listening to them? I don't care, I love them.

I only have this one wish
That I was good enough to make you forget
The only boy
Who ever broke your heart
Nights like these tear me apart


Beer tastes like blood
My mouth is numb
And I can't find the words I need to say

Best Quote Ever

"You are cooler than a free bucket of beer."

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Are you being British? Not anymore.

New Years always sucks. You make all these resolutions, sure that this is the year you'll stick with them. Well I made all the regular ones (lose weight, be nicer to hubby, all that crap) but I made another one that seems so simple and I have not yet been able to do it even once.

I want to sound more British by saying "Brilliant!" more often. And also by using the phrase "straight away" instead of "right away." How easy does that sound. I suck.