Thursday, January 13, 2005

Of Mooses and Sponges...and Nannies, too

While watching WifeSwap last night, I came upon some interesting and frightening information:

1. There is a man named Moose who lives within 5 miles of me.
2. He hangs out at one of the same bars I do.
3. He has the same exact insane, psychotic "sponge system" as my husband - the 3 tier sponge system where you use the newest sponge for the dishes, then as that becomes soiled you move it to the counters, then finally to the floors. I did not know anyone else had a "sponge system" and I am terrified that someone does and that I could run into him at any time.

I also watched Nanny 911, which I love. However I am quickly coming to the realization that everything that is wrong with kids is the mom's fault; the fact that the dads are absentee is inconsequential. Every week, the kids are out of control, the moms are totally overwhelmed and sobbing for help, and - where's dad? off to work! see you later once you fix this mess! Why is it always blame mommy????

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