Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Surreal Life on Crack

Is the new season of The Surreal Life not the f'ing funniest thing ever? I mean...first you have that freak Chyna claiming the "little room", drinking all the airplane bottles of liquor, walking around in a fur bikini and high stilletos...then you have that freak Adrienne, beautiful but obviously super-starved for attention, who lets her new housemates whom she has never met before eat dinner off of her naked body - and the best is that she gets offended by mini-me touching her nipple - you are naked on a table with food on your boobs, lady, what do you expect?...then you have Jane from the Go-Go's, who we find out is not only totally cool (at least so far) but is also a S&M Queen (isn't she too busy waterskiing in a tiara with Belinda Carlisle to get freaky like that???)....then you have Peter Brady, who is like a dad to all of them, taking care of all their minute problems, letting mini-me caress his face while hammered - but yet his bod is nearly as good as Marcus's...then of course you have dear Marcus Schenkenberg, who seems at least to this point to be totally vacant, to have no personality at all (what a shock, a hot model boy with no personality? NO!!!!)...then we have Da Brat, who has this crazy idea that she is really famous and everyone else there is a has-been - someone has been telling that girl some lies...and finally - - - MINI ME, who is just the funniest little man I have ever seen. Perhaps the funniest person I have ever seen, ever. He seemed like he might be a dick when he first got there, riding on his scooter, demanding his little room from big mean Chyna, calling his agent to complain - but then, the alcohol started flowing. Mini was sloshed...and naked, peeing in the living room...and making orgasmic sounds in bed while touching Peter Brady's face in an odd, scary way....and tipping over like a weeble after repeatedly hitting Peter Brady's arm....ah, just too funny.

The show is now a caricature of itself, just as The Real World quickly became the "Let's Get as Many Hot People Into a House and See if They Will Do It in the Hot Tub"...but damn, at least its fecking funny.

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