Friday, January 14, 2005

Two boring and eating

So I must stop ebaying and spending money.

I am really enjoying not "working" and instead staying home with the little princess. Seeing her accomplish all new things and learn and see things for the very first time...I can't help but feel that these times are just irreplaceable and I am so grateful to be home with her.


We cannot afford it. I can't stay home much longer. And I cannot stop spending money. I have to convince myself that the less money I spend, the longer I can stay home. So, I will not go to Gymboree except to exchange the long sleeved shirts I bought her yesterday for short sleeved ones. I will not buy anything for myself until I lose more weight and buy some flashy stuff for Vegas. And I will not ebay...ergh, even as I type that one, I know its easier said than done. I am watching 4 items, and when those are up, I am done. I won't even check to see what new things have been listed. I can do this.

On another note, my diet is going exceptionally well. I am pretty happy because I don't feel deprived at all. I am eating massive amounts of fruit (mango, anyone?) and cut out all the really bad stuff (like Entenmann's chocolate donuts...mmmmmm). I have been keeping myself very active - moving all the time - and it feels good. Scared to weigh myself on Sunday though, because what if I am feeling so positive and then haven't lost? Can the "feeling" of doing well sustain me for another week without the pounds coming off too? Well, it will have to, because I am in Chris and Ally's wedding in November, plus we have the Vegas trip in October...and I want to be thin.

Week 2 is going well and I am happy about it. I actually was thinking yesterday...well my first week is a success so far. Meaning that the time on the diet is going fast and I am not feeling deprived. That's a biggie.

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