Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank God I Don't Work There

So I took Princess into my old work today. Things were just as I expected. CIH was SUPER friendly, misses me SO much - as if we were friends. She has always been one of those people who tries to latch onto the "cool kids" and tries way too hard. She, of course, specifically mentioned the recruitment she is working on, and when the Asst. Comptroller came in and he and I started talking, she had to comment about how she just sent him some info - "did you get it yet? Check your email - I sent some information to you for your review..." Just annoying, why can't I just say hello to someone I used to really enjoy working with and not have to hear her mouth? The best was that he just kinda blew her off and turned back to me, showing his annoyance with her. Things have not changed. Plus, she straightened her hair and dyed it blonde. Jose and I got a big kick out of that. He said "it looks terrible on her - but, has she ever had good hair like us?" Hehehe. My ex-boss was really nice. She asked lots of questions about what Princess is doing - she has a 5 month old granddaughter so babies are of interest to her now. She was just so nice. Too bad she wasn't like that when I worked there, I might still work there.

Everyone LOVED Princess, and she was an absolute angel. Seriously. I paraded her proudly in front of probably 100 people today and she smiled, laughed, let people hold her, played with managers and directors (one manager was literally on the floor playing with a stuffed animal with her), didn't fuss or cry...she was SO GOOD. I was SO PROUD.

People kept asking me when I was coming back to work. They all missed me. People even commented that they didn't come to HR anymore because I wasn't there. They said it wasn't the same without me. Some people asked me if I missed it there, and I was honest. No. I do miss my friends who work there, but ya know what? I still talk to Carrie, Jose, Annette, Katharina, Suzanne, Sam, its ok. It was so nice to be there as a visitor and be able to feel light and carefree - not stressed like I always felt there.

AND - everyone said motherhood suited me well and that I looked great.