Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Other Side of Ebay

So I now I see how maddening it is to sell stuff on ebay.

I've always known how maddening it is to buy. You find something you love (like, let's say though this one's not .99, a little Baby Lulu outfit) and it has 6 days left on the auction. So you watch the item. Hm, maybe one person bids, you figure you are not going to get said Lulu item for the starting bid of 99 cents like you planned. Okay, fine. So you watch it and watch it and its still within your price range and you go in and put in a bid and WOW - you are winning! With say, 3 minutes left! Then all of a sudden, 6 days of watching the item go down the drain when the Lulu outift shoots quickly from .99 to 25.99 - for something some other kid has already worn. Maddening.

So now I am on the other side. I am trying to sell stuff that my kid has already worn. Its all like new - I would never sell anything crappy. So I list my items, and no one is bidding. But they are watching my items. So I have a Baby Gap dress up there, for 2.99 (it had to be $30 brand new and its been worn one time). Numerous people are watching it (you can see how many people are watching your items - I did not know this as a bidder). WHY AREN'T YOU BIDDING??? BID, DAMMIT!!!

So now I see it from both sides. I am still psychotically checking the items I plan to bid on, and now I am also psychotically checking the items I am selling to see if anyone has bid or if anyone new is watching them.