Saturday, February 19, 2005

Countdown : 6 Days Till Good Times

Important - for the good of all humankind, please sign this.

Wow. I put a few more things up on ebay yesterday. One of them is a little romper by the boutique brand Mad Sky. Princess never wore it. Its an expensive brand, so being that it was washed but never worn, I started the bidding at $5.99. Imagine my utter SHOCK this morning when I see that with 6 and a half days left, the bidding is already up to $15.50. Wow. With 6 bidders. Wow. I am thinking now that when I go to Bloomingdales to scour the sale racks for super bargains for Princess and I see Mad Sky stuff that's on sale but too small for her...I should pick it up anyway and sell it on ebay.

Mad Sky - Big Seller Posted by Hello

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superflywebpimp said...

you were quick to pick up on the "vandelay" allusion and i salute your memory. the countless hours spent watching tv has finally paid off. good luck on the romper sale, as i am sure the sale shall fill your coffers with a tidy sum indeed. your immaculate taste in baby creepers goes without question. may the jersey nights find you comfortable and well. here is to you madam... *raises can of natural light*