Thursday, February 24, 2005

Countdown : 1 Day Till Good Times

This would be a great Mother's Day Gift.
Or this.

My Kid is Smarter Than Your Kid
Can I just brag for a moment about how smart Princess is? Well, she is, you know. The "What to Expect" book says that at her age, a child "might even possibly" be able to point out one body part. This means that pointing out one body part is a very advanced skill.

Princess knows the following parts, and can point them out on herself and others:
1. head
2. feet
3. belly
4. nose
5. hands
6. eyes

Where's your belly? Posted by Hello

She can also do animal noises for lions and monkeys, and she can point out a ridiculous number of animals in her books. I wonder how much of this brilliance has to do with me being home with her? I don't know that it does. But I like to think it does. I spend an ungodly amount of time reading books to her and telling her what everything is - and she is picking up on it. Would she get the same attention in daycare that I give her at home, spending every waking hour learning and playing and experiencing new things? Who knows, maybe she would be even more brilliant if she was in daycare? But I don't think so.


NoxiousVerve said...

First off... thanks for visiting Malefic Cancer. It makes me happy to see new faces at the blog.

As for the intelligence of your baby. Yes, I do think that it is directly tied to the amount of time that you spend with her. If you could afford some uber-daycare, you could probably get similar results, but then your pocketbook would be about $2,000 a month lighter.

Don't forget, Nurture is one of the most powerful elements in forming the human psyche.

Sleeping Mommy said...

Of course the potential has to be there, but really the interaction is key--and she has you all to herself. She wouldn't get that kind of experience in daycare. At this age, yes indeed it is the benefit of your attention and working with her as much as you do.

Later, when she is older she will get some benefits from a group setting in socialization, but for now at this young age its mom's attention that does the most I think.