Friday, February 25, 2005

Countdown Complete!

Tonight I am going out with the girls, and I can't wait! I was hoping it wouldn't snow, because you know people cancel plans when it flurries around here. But we got about 6 inches and its not really so bad. I am going to take Princess out in it later today. Hub shoveled before he left for work so I don't have to - YIPPEE! No neighbor drama today.

I have been reading alot of other people's blogs lately. I guess just for curiosity's sake. Some are good, some are bad. Some are really bad. But I was watching tv today and a character on some show said something that was really true about blogging - its the first REAL freedom of the press this country has ever seen. You can post anything you want on your blog, and its ok, and people who feel the same way you do will find you. When you think about it, its really pretty cool.

I have several ebay auctions ending today - I am so excited because these are really good lots - Gymboree, Mad Sky, Benetton - and I am anxious to see how much they go for. The Mad Sky romper is up over $17.00 and there are still people watching it! So we'll see how that develops. Then, there is the Janie and Jack velour hoodie that no one is watching and no one is bidding on. Its only listed at $4.99 and I bought it new for probably $30. And Princess wore it once. Ergh. Hm, maybe I should wait till Fall to sell that - people are thinking spring, not velour.

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elizabeth said...

Great blog yourself. Glad you like the lyrics; it's scary/stunning to think someone else is actually (not may, but is) reading the gobbledy-gook that i post. Have fun on your night out, and your daughter is adorable!