Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Nappy Nappy Time

It has officially been one hour since I put Princess down for a nap. And yet, she is still awake. For a while she was just kinda playing in her crib and whatnot, and now she has progressed to crying.

This is the kind of advice new parents need that I can't seem to find anywhere: the kid is tired and needs a nap, no question about am I supposed to do? Let her cry for who knows how long? Or go in and get her and take her out of the crib? I have gone in a few times to make sure she has her paci, and she does. Half the people say that if you let the kid cry, she will feel abandoned. The other half say if you respond whenever she cries, she is playing you. Now, I have a very smart kid and I know some of the time she is playing me (and I know this because she got the smart gene from me). But why haven't any of these brilliant doctors come up with a formula for this stuff - as in, if this happens go in and take her out of the crib. If that happens, let her cry for a while.

Ah...wait a minute...what is that I hear? Nothing??? Maybe I should write my own book because I did something right.