Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Imagine my Surprise...

...when I go into ebay and find that one of my items has jumped from the starting price of $2.99 to a whopping $9.00!!! And there are 6 people watching another of my items! Yippee! find that the item I mentioned yesterday has jumped from .99 to 19.49 - with 6 days left!!! Unbelievable. Guess I am not winning that one. find that Hub, who swears up and down that he gave me the receipt for a package he shipped through UPS that never arrived (shock), finds the receipt in the desk drawer with his stash of other receipts after making me feel like I had lost it! I knew I never had it, even though he swore he gave it to me, and he kept saying - if I gave it to you when I got home from work where would you have put it? I kept saying - I have no idea, I have nothing to do with receipts. So...guilt, guilt, guilt...then, he finds it in the drawer where HE had put it. HA!

...when I learned that there are people in Idado with mohawks. I didn't know anyone had mohawks anymore, much less Idahoians. read that Dubbya is INCREASING the size of government while finding yet more ways to intrude on Americans' personal lives. Oh, no, wait, that doesn't surprise me at all.