Sunday, February 13, 2005

My Weekend

Three of my ebay items sold, out of the four I had up there. One went for the asking price of 2.99 (boy, did she get a deal), and the others went for 9.00 and 11.00. Not too bad for stuff that was just sitting in a box.

I weighed myself this morning and am the same as I was last week. I know I didn't do great this week so I am just glad I didn't gain anything. In the fall, I bought 2 pairs of jeans that were a size bigger than what I had been wearing because my regular jeans (which are also, incidentally, bigger than what I want to be wearing) were too small. Both those pairs were in the wash today and I had to go out. So...I decided to take that know, where you think *maybe* those old jeans just *might* fit, but you aren't sure...and they FIT! So that was a great feeling.

Yesterday we took a ride out to western Jersey to a Harley dealer that was having a bike show, of sorts. There was a guy there who is famous in bike circles - Billy Lane. He builds custom choppers, and he is featured on Discovery Channel all the time. I never watch that show because who wants to watch people build bikes? Boring. The only reason to watch OCC is for Paulie. So we get there and what to my surprise...Billy Lane is HOT! He is a white guy with dreadlocks and tattoos...just my kind of dirty guy. On tv he looks kinda mangy and not so attractive...but in person...whoa. I got my picture taken with him and he was really nice. So, sorry have been replaced.

Princess has added another word to her vocabulary - "okay" - so now she is running around the house saying "okay - okay - okay - okay" and its pretty cute.

We went out to dinner last night with Joe and discussed the possibility of no Vegas. He was okay with it. We talked about maybe doing a long weekend away someplace, like maybe Key West or something, maybe a cruise...maybe our home-away-from-home, N'Awlins. We'll see. Now I just have to talk to Patsy and Diddy and see what they have to say. I think since its plenty of notice and we are talking about going someplace else, it'll be ok.


samjkh said...

I enjoyed reading your blog it made me laugh especially about ebay .We just started selling stuff on there and have discovered that you can sell anything but people wont pay much for it!!!

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Wow, thanks, I had no idea anyone was reading this!!! I checked your blog out too and I see you have the same ebay issues. LOL