Monday, February 28, 2005

Big Hair

For some reason, I have been thinking about big hair lately. Most likely, this is because I am a Jersey Girl, and back in the Golden Age of the late 1980’s we JG’s had the finest big hair in the land. I miss big hair, and I resent having to live a trendy life with straight, flat, Jennifer Anniston hair. I think I do more damage to my hair with a flat iron than I ever did with a teasing comb.

For some reason, Texas ladies seem to think that they had the better bigger hair, but this is just not true. And I will share the reasons for this with you, as I know you have been contemplating this too.

Texas Ladies did have big hair. But you see their hair was more of the helmet variety. It was rounded on top, very, very teased, and stiffly spritzed into basically a big ball atop the head. It was a very mature look – the adult, mom-ish version of big hair.

Bad Big Hair.
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Jersey Girls were always much more stylish about the big hair. We had more of the young, rebellious version. And it was a source of pride to have big hair in Jersey (“Oh my God, did you see how big Dena’s hair is today?” “Yeah, oh my God, I wish I could get mine up like that. Can I borrow your Rave?”). We favored the heavy metal look, the spiky, Stif-Stuf’d, peacock look that all the cute boys-in-bands of the day were sporting. As a True Jersey Girl, I will, of course, use Jon Bon Jovi as the example. JBJ had the perfect big hair. No boys at our school had this kind of hair, but all the girls did. In fact, I took a 3x5 foot framed poster of JBJ to my beautician to show her how I wanted my hair cut and “tipped” (highlights where you only bleached the “tips” of your hair). We all wanted to have hair just like JBJ, and most of us did. Especially if you lived in Union or Lodi, the 2 big hair capitals of Jersey. And the world.

Good Big Hair
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I do miss big hair, I really do. But when I see someone out there, who is about my age, who is still sporting the big hair (or worse, still sporting the Farrah) – I realize that big hair had its time and we had to move on. We can only look back wistfully.


Sleeping Mommy said...

Hey now Farrah Hair is coming back, didn't you know? LOL

Not that I have anything even remotely stylish on my head. It just sucks these days. :P

Elle said...

Oh, I miss my aqua net. I don't think I could ever get my hair as high as it was in the 80's. I never felt cooler than I did sporting my high hair, black leather fringe jacket with maching boots and tight-ass jeans. I was HOT!!!!

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