Thursday, February 17, 2005

The End of Loves

Let's start with Billy Lane. My crush has come to an abrupt end, lasting less than one week. Yes, he is hot. Yes, he is dirty. Yes, he is tattooed. Three things I like in a man. But...well, I guess I should have known when I saw the "truck mudflap girl" emblems on his bikes. I asked Hub about this...saying, what the eff, why do bikers have to be so sexist? He explained it away with some bs about how Billy Lane is from Florida and women wear bikinis down there and um it must be a Florida thing...yeah, it made no sense, but then I saw how hot he was so I excused him. Mistake Number One.

Then I checked out the pictures on his website. All nakedness and autographing boobies and wet tshirt contests. Alas, he is not the man for me. So sad, what a nice future we could have had. I am beginning to think bikers in general are not for me. We have Billy Lane, the hot chopper genius who apparently drinks his weight in Jack Daniels nightly and orgies with loose ladies...and Paulie Jr., the hot chopper genius who has found God and is born again. Where is the man in the middle of this spectrum? Oh, perhaps its Hub. That's why I married him, I suppose.

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Billy and Paulie...not the boys for me. But they shur are purty to look at, ain't they?Posted by Hello

And now, onto Napster. Just a few posts ago, I extolled its virtues and said how I loved it. Well, that crush has also ended abruptly. I realized a few days ago that you cannot burn cd's from the music you download! You have to BUY the songs for that! So, explain to me why I would pay a $15 a month fee and then still have to pay 99 cents a song? When I can just pay 99 cents a song on iTunes? Maybe if I had received my pink mini iPod for Christmas, I would feel differently. But since I didn't, my love affair with Napster has ended.

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Molicious said...

I also had a mad crush on Billy Lane. But he can be quite the pig sometimes. I love the Orange County Chopper boys. Even the old man. I have a thing for New Yorkers though.

Cute blog!