Friday, March 04, 2005


Let me tell you what a stinker Princess is. She is at this stage where she knows what is right and wrong, and just doesn't care. She will look you dead in the face while you are telling her no, smile at you, and do it anyway. This is the perfect picture of this stage:

You stinker.

Is this normal? Not the trying to eat dog food thing, but the total disregard for mom's admonishment? And how do you discipline? She's too young for time outs, I don't believe in spanking...any suggestions? Or does this have to just run its course?


Sleeping Mommy said...

they think its a game at this age. its fun to see how you will react and if the rules will change. you just have to stay consistent, don't laugh and show her something else she can do that is accrptable--preferably in another room.

Elle said...

I agree. She loves the power she has over you. In her gorgeous little head she's saying, "look at what I can make mommy do, hee hee." Ignore unwanted behavior and praise her when she does the right thing.

"Oh look how nicely Princess didn't touch the dog dish, good girl!!"

I posted our interview, thanks!!

Kevin said...

Today she's into the dog food, tomorrow she'll rule the world. But don't worry, this will only go on as long as she lives under your roof. In about 20 to 25 years you'll be free.

BTW, Michele sent me.

Denise said...

I like the idea of just ignoring the behavior you don't like and then giving her lots of praise for doing the things she ought to do.

Thanks for the great comment on my site, btw; I will have to try the Voodoo daquiris!

Cara said...

I've been a mother for 12 years and Princess reminds me so much of my Princess. Even that mischevious smile with the pacifier in her mouth is almost exactly what my daughter would do when she was doing something that she knew was not right.

My advice: Pick your battles with your children. When my daughter would look at me with that big smile and the pacifier in her mouth I would typically turn into mush. I'd just give her that "brows up" look and half smile and tell her that she doesn't need to play in the doggy bowl and move her away from the crime scene. Eventually she'll learn...distraction is the best thing. She's just testing you when she does this. It's nothing to get overly upset about. (as I'm sure you already know)