Friday, March 25, 2005

Childhood Disease

I have realized that there exists an odd disease among children - the simultaneous love and fear of holiday characters.

I took Princess to meet the Easter Bunny yesterday at the mall (and paid 20 freakin' dollars to have her picture taken with him). I had taken her to see him a couple weeks ago to get her reaction to him before spending money on a photo of a large rodent with a screaming child. We attracted much attention because Princess was standing in her stroller screaming and pointing and struggling to get out of the stroller and run to the bunny, with utter excitement bursting through her skin. It was slightly embarrassing (as people were staring and pointing at us), but also undeniably cute that she was that excited to see a 6 foot tall rabbit. I thought, this will be better than Christmas where she didn't really care at all about Santa until I handed her over to him, at which time she screamed for me to take her from this velvety-red stranger with the odd facial hair.

We go to the mall yesterday and she sees Mr. Bunny from a mile away and begins the screaming and pointing. She cannot believe her luck to see this huge rabbit once again. We get on line and the ruckus continues. Luckily, the four-year-old behind us is doing exactly the same - she is screaming and pointing as well. Whew, its not just my kid. Finally, we go up and I introduce her to the rabbit before handing her over to him for the picture taking to begin. At which time she screams (and not with excitement this time). THREE SECONDS AGO this was the greatest thing you had ever seen in your 15-month-long life. Now, you are terrified. I don't get it.

They took a few pictures, which turned out terribly because they all show Princess with her legs in motion, swinging off Bunny's lap in a mad attempt at escape. So, as a good mom, what do I do? I put Princess back on Bunny's lap so we can get better pictures. Here is the result. A little blurry and not so great. But at least not showing her fighting the bunny to get away.

What made me feel better was that the four-year-old behind us did the exact same thing. Her excitement also turned to fear when she was up close and personal with the Rabbit. So this odd childhood disease did not just afflict my child, but others as well.


Bumbling Bav said...

Wow she did great. My kids would freak if the bunny or santa came within 20 ft of them.

Santa parked his car beside us one day at the mall, my son (at that time 3) made us move the!

Now he is 5 and has no problem striking up a chat with Santa, but the big bunny..... NO WAY!

Good for you!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I guess going to Disney is probably out, huh?

Oh and Hello, Michele Sent Me :) Have a great holiday!

mrsmogul said...

That is soo cute. I never had my photo taken with the bunny! I was deprived!

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Hello! Michele sent me!!

I know what you mean about the child being terrified of these characters.

I took my then 9-month old to see Santa, because my MIL said "All children need their photo taken with Santa, even Jewish ones". Whatever. So, to get rid of the frame she sent with this comment, I took Little Man to see Santa. I was going to send HER the photo in the frame she gave us.

He took one look at the woman dressed up as a fat man and became hysterical. I have a lovely photo of boogers streaming down his face from the crying.

My child has never met a stranger. He loves everyone...except cross dressers, I suppose.

Theo said...

had the same thing happen with my daughter at about that age. the Easter Bunny scared her silly.

thanks for droppinh by my blog. Namaste'.

MommaK said...

Very cute picture. She sure is a sweetie:-)

My kids were pretty okay with Santa (I think because you could tell he was human) but the Easter Bunny or Chuck E Cheese sends them running in the other direction!!

Cori said...

Hey I know you!!Silly me. Michele sent me but I should have been here already before! We only go and see santa-forget the Easter bunny. They are all just trying to get our money! Im surprised they don't have a leprauchaun to sit on for St.Patricks day!

catherine ryan said...

Hi. Michele sent me. My kids were always too scared to even get on the laps of Santa or the Easter Bunny. I guess if we look at it from their perspective, the Easter Bunny especially is pretty terrifying!

Miss_Vicki said...

Hey, just saw your comment on "Skinny Dippin," so I thought I'd drop by and give ya a warm "yo." I'm from Philly, so I always like to say hi to the 'locals' :) I live in Portland, OR now (moved in '01,' but I'm usually back to Philly twice a year to visit my parents. I'm a die-hard Phils and Eagles fan.

My fear as a kid (at least what I can remember) was of the circus - freaking clowns!!!

trine said...

hi true,
I had exactly the same thing happening with Helene at christmas. I thought I'd do the good mummy act and took her to see santa. At this point, Helene hadn't yet realised that it was possible for her to WANT to get out of the push chair, she was really good and always saty quietly and didn't fight.
Enter Santa.
She flipped completely. In less than a second she was stretched out and hanging over the side of the push chair, looking at me with REAL FEAR in her little eyes, but also with a "why are you doing this to me?" accusation that really tore me to bits. I had to leg it out of the shopping mall and ... well, no surprise we never went to see the Easter Bunny.... ;-)

PractiGal said...

So sweet! Great pic!

I haven't taken my 1-yr old to see any of the characters yet. I have a hard enough time getting him to sit on MY lap! He'd much rather roam around.

Michele sent me!

Pearl said...

Hi from Michele' meet and greet.

I recognize your avatar as being a few steps ahead of me places I've commented.

I've never seen the Easter Bunny photo-op booth myself. Wonder if it'll be spreading my way?

Dawn said...

I think the picture turned out good. All mom's go through this. Welcome to the club:)

J&J'sMom said...

I have one of my youngest Screaming with Santa this year...I also have a friend who will be 39 next month and will CROSS THE ROAD if she sees anyone in a character costume just to get away! Scared to death...I force myself not to let my imagination wander ...Good luck at Christmas time! BTW Michele sent me..I'm going to poke around ;0)

vegemiterules said...

G'day TJG, found my way by myself this time YEAH!!!!. What a lovely photo, and a totally relatable post. I have not been blessed with children, but have many of the same experiences doing the Aunty thing with my young nieces and nephews. They change their beautiful little minds about things in 1 split second, that's one of the reasons why we cherish them so much. Have a lovely Easter with your family and friends, will swing by again soon. Take care.

Claire said...

Hiya, thanks for stopping by my place! At least you managed to get at least one good picture! Thankfully I don't have kids so don't have to go through these things!

Elle said...

I have a great picture of my son all dressed up with Santa. Too Bad he is absolutely freaking out and all you see is the top of his curly blonde head. And to think we waited in line for a whole hour.