Saturday, March 05, 2005


We're still working on babyproofing. With our house, its really hard because its an old Tudor and has wrought iron gates on landings, 2 steps to this level and then 3 steps to that level and then up 5 steps to the any case, its been tough. But we're working on it.

Now, with Princess getting into every drawer and emptying everything out, we are trying to babyproof these 4 drawers in the kitchen.

"You think this is gonna keep me out? Fools!"

So, Hub has the idea to just put a yard stick through the handles to keep them closed. There is no way our brilliant child could figure this one out, right?


"I can do anything. I am a genius."

(And you can tell this was "one of those days" since my previous post about her eating dog food is the same day.)


Elle said...

For the first one, I baby-proofed EVERYTHING!! For kid number 2, I just watched. Funny kid 2 never got into half the things kid 1 did. I think the more you take away, the more they find it a challenge. I say it's lucky they are so damn cute!!

Tammy said...

Smart baby....and cute, too!

BTW, I totally agree with you on the blogging issue (course, I'm a mom who blogs, so.....!).

Oh yes...

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