Saturday, March 12, 2005

My Nemesis

I have an arch nemisis. She is related to me, but I seldom see her because she doesn't live close to the rest of the family. I have probably seen her 5 or 6 times in my whole life but our hatred for each other sustains, despite the gaps in time.

From the time we were kids, we would fight. There are pictures of us fighting over toys when we were 3 or 4. Once we "grew up" it became more subtle. She is one of those people who thinks they are "clever" with their backstabbing, meaning that she will never say a word to my face, but will make comments behind my back to people whom she knows will pass the info to me. She has done this the last two times we saw each other (one of which was my wedding). I always try to be the better person and not ruin the family event by confronting her, because its so seldom that we all get I let it go. But then I stew in it for years and wish I had just decked her.

Well. My dad called me yesterday and told me that this nemesis of mine is going to be at our next big family function, a wedding (which Princess and I are both in). I am not going to let it go this time. I will not start anything with her, because that's not my style and I would prefer that she just keep her trap shut and we can just ignore each other. But, if she does, which she will, I am not letting it go. I am going to break out the Jersey attitude (which I have perfected, by the way) and see where it goes from there.

I can't wait.


Dawn said...

it sounds like you will have a very interesting post after the wedding:)

honestyrain said...

oh girl, i hate people like that. good for you putting your foot down. if she gives you grief give it right back and more. why should you put up with such a fool?

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Aaaand...the wedding isn't till October so I have lots of time to continue to build up anger and resentment! She won't know what hit her (but it will most likely be my fist! Ha ha!).

Erin said...

hi! michele sent me!
oooohh...don't get me started about my arch nemisis...she poured beer all over my bed and clean clothes and had to get rid of the quilt my grandmother made me...not cool.
good for you for being the bigger person, i bet you are way prettier anyway!
hope your weekend is going well!

Webmiztris said...

hey, jersey girl! I'll be heading to atlantic city early tomorrow morning for my birthday! maybe I'll see you! lol

michele sent me!

mrsmogul said...

hey cool I am a new york gal but my sis lives in NJ. Hmm I have a similar problem. There are boundaries and when they break them..there is hell to pay!!

MommaK said...

Sounds like a good plan! Don't let her get the best of you.

writersblock said...

Wow. I did that. Gave her the guns fully loaded. It didn't help, in fact it made things worse. And I still have to live with her for the rest of my life and she lives 15 minutes away.

Elle said...

If you are going to "call her out" (in true Jersey style) then do it with class. Be calm, cool and collected. No yelling, or name calling, just expose her and let her stew. Sometimes it's hard to control all those pent up feelings from over the years, and when you finally let them out, they are uncontrollable and the confrontation can backfire, which she would love. Rehearse, so you don't feel so angry when it's time. Don't be drunk when you do it.

Good Luck. Need back up?
Gimme a holla.

A Touch of Style said...

Ahh, to be a fly on the wall. I'm almost hoping that you let her have it.

No, that wouldn't be very nice of me now would it!

A Touch of Style ;)

Princsvspa said...

I told my mom that you received permission to street fight, and she started to laugh.

Can you yank on your ear or something to indicate when it's going to start so I can have napkins handy for her?