Sunday, March 06, 2005


Don't you hate being sick? I went to bed at 10:15 last night (very unlike me) and slept till 11 this morning, awakened only by Hub trying unsuccessfully to put Princess down for a nap. They both went to see our new nephew today, who is now 3 weeks old and we have only seen him once. Wah, I wanted to see him. So the house is quiet except for my sniffling and coughing and I have no idea, if I still feel like this tomorrow, how I will care for Princess. I can't see myself being able to run after her and I really don't want to even get too close to her because I don't want to get her sick too.

Any advice from the more experienced moms - how do you take care of a baby when you are sick yourself?


aka_monty said...

Have Hub take care of the baby when you're sick, if he can. :)

Of course, I'm a single mom, so I don't have that option.
All I can advise is that you do the best you can...or if your mom or sister lives in the area, shout "HELP ME!" really loud. ;)

Cara said...

If hubby can't take off of work or you don't have any other resources available. When my kids were that age I would just "camp out" on the family room couch and blockade the areas that you don't want her to get into. Also, I would always make sure that her favorite TV shows are on and just let her watch as much TV as she wants. Bring toys down for her to play with...maybe something different than what she is used to having in the family room.
For you: take tons of Tylenol or Advil..if it's your stomach call your doc and get some Compazine for nausea. Just do the best you can. If we lived closer together I would gladly help out! I've been where you are tons of times so just do the best you can and don't worry about the messes as long as it's something that's permanant and take it real easy. I hope you feel better soon. Let us know how it goes.

Elle said...

It's hard not to pass the germs. I always try to wash my hands alot during the day, and count the hours (or minutes) until my husband would come home. Moms can't get sick, didn't you know that?? Feel better. I have 3 week old twin nephews too by the way. Are we related??

Sleeping Mommy said...

If there is no one who an help you out then it really just comes down to gritting your teeth and trying to find something that will occupy her as much as possible so you can rest. Use lots of lysol and wash up as often as possible so that hopefully she won't get it. Sometimes it is just unavoidable though. Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sick? Why I have never been sick even one day since I became a SAHM 3 years ago. How dare YOU get sick? I'm just kidding by the way.

What do you do? You just pretend that you aren't sick I guess. That's what I always do. Mind over matter kinda deal.

I hope you are feeling better by now!


scrappintwinmom said...

We just went through this. First we passed around an upper respiratory infection. Then I had a stomach virus...I was so ill I was literally crawling on the floor to take care of my babies. Two days later, the babies got it, and one of them wound up in the hospital for dehydration. What did I learn from this episode? Hand washing is key. And now, at the end of the day, I wash down just about anything that doesn't move w/diluted alcohol. Hope you're feeling better soon.