Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Good Night Out

Princess, Jersey Girl, Michael, Jose and Sebastian (the dog)
Originally uploaded by truejerseygirl.

Here is a photo from our fun night at our friends' house last Saturday. Notice that Princess is sans dress - she had been napping in her tights a shirt. Cute tights, no? And here's the back:

Princess's Tights
Originally uploaded by truejerseygirl.


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Dawn said...

Where can I get a pair of tights like hers?:)

Cori said...

Yes I am with Dawn-where can I get those in my size? I just know they might look better on me.Well...maybe NOT!!

trine said...

COOL tights!
our daughters must be roughly the same age - Helene was a preemie, so is tiny for her age.. Your little princess is gorgeous...

MommaK said...

I love those tights!! Your daughter is adorable:-)