Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blog Ranting (or, I am not a geek)

I am having such issues with my blog. I want to be able to have a little photoblog so that I can post pics of me, Hub, Princess, etc so that you can all take a peek. I don't want it as its own entry, I want it to be something I can link to. But this is not working for me, no matter what I try. I think I'll have to do an entry and then link to it. Blah.

I also want collapsible posts. Sleeping Mommy was kind enough to walk me through this process, but alas, Blogger does not seem willing to accept its own HTML in my template to add it.

And, I tried to switch to Haloscan comments. This worked, but it got rid of all my old comments. I don't want to get rid of my old comments, but I am not sure if its possible to hang onto them and still switch over.

And finally, my weatherpixie is darling, no? But this morning, she was showing it was 47 degrees out and she was in a short sleeved top. At least now that its snowing (yes, its snowing here again), she has put on a coat.


KARCHAMB said...

You are not a geek. You are a dork. Geeks do not rant about how they don't know how to do things, because what makes them geeks is their ability to do things no one else knows (or cares) how to do. You are a dork, because you WANT to be able to do things geek do, but you cannot. Dork = Geek Envy

Dorks are also those who have equations for dorkdom.

Paul said...

Hey DORK! (jk).. You should sign up for a flickr account to upload your pictures to.. its FREE.. then it will help you provide a code you can just cut and past into your post thingy on your blogspot blog.. I can give you more detailed instructions if you need them. Its easy though..

Geeky P.
P.S. thank you for stopping by my blog today.