Thursday, March 24, 2005

On Why My Site Is So PINK

I have received several comments over the last few months about the color of my site which is, I know, SUPER PINK. Not bad comments, mind you, but comments. So I want to explain.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had my kid's nursery planned to the smallest detail. Bluish walls with painted clouds, a tree painted in the corner with leaves that went up onto the ceiling over the crib, a picket fence around the room with flowers coming through it, and little bugs (cute ones, like lady bugs and butterflies) painted as if flying through the air. And if said kid was a boy, I would add a baseball mitt onto the fence, and maybe some turtles and such so it wouldn't look too feminine (God forbid).

And then I found out I was having a girl. For some reason I decided immediately that only a pink room would do. We spent hours upon hours in Home Depot pouring over paint chips for just the right color, and browsing through wallpaper books for just the right border. And we found both. We painted the room, and I will admit, it was quite pink. Pepto Bismol-ish, even. I wanted to immediately paint over it, but Hub said no, its going to be great with the border and the furniture and curtains and such. I pushed all those evil pregnancy hormones down and agreed to wait and see how it would look, after getting a promise that if I still hated it we would start from scratch.

I showed the room to a few people, and everyone said it was a nice color and would looked great. And then my sister-in-law came over. They have a daughter, and her room is dark blue with dark colored teddy bears and beige curtains (very blah and boring-looking), so I don't know why her comments (especially about decorating) mean anything to me. But, remember the hormones...Her comment was "Wow, this is really pink. This is a HURTFUL pink." So then, after I had finally started to agree that it just might look okay, I started to doubt it again.

Well to make a long story even longer, we put up the border, which is GORGEOUS. I love it. It goes along the bottom of the wall (rather than the top) and looks like antique toy boxes overflowing with stuffed animals. Love it. Then we put the furniture in. Dark mahogany, Italian-made, lots of detail, super-classy. A crib, armoire, and changing table/dresser. Love it. Then we hung up her name in letters over her crib, hung with polka-dot ribbon. Love it. And finally we added the other touches like the crucifix we got her at the Vatican, pretty curtains, and a white shelf and two white wicker baskets over her changing table, which we filled with family photos, stuffed animals, books, etc. Her room is just gorgeous.

I was happy to be having a little girl and I wanted her room to express that. Pink was the way for me. But my sister-in-law's comment sticks with me to this day, as if having a pink room for a girl is a bad thing. As if I am setting her up for a life of perky cheerleading and being submissive to boys and the like. I mean really. Anyone who knows me knows that I am raising one seriously tough broad here. Hurtful pink room or not.

So, that's why I chose the pinkest, hurtful-est pink skin I could find. Does that make any sense at all???


Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

It makes TOTAL sense! Pink is now a mark of independence. A rebellious color for you. Good for you!!

I find out the sex of my baby on Wednesday! I can't say I'll paint the nursery hurtful pink if it's a girl, but after reading your post it's hard not to think about it.

mrsmogul said...

Hi Joisey G, I never used to really likk pink until last year. I bought pink crop pants at Ann Taylor. And I've bought pink tees recently. Anyway, regaring the sister in law, that was a bitchy thing to say. Maybe she didn;t mean it in a bad way? My analysis: She was jealous of your beautiful room!! PS. I'll your link too!

Elle said...

If you are going to hurt someone, then do it with pink.

Bumbling Bav said...

I never took in pink untill I had a girl and then slowly pink over took my world. After my second child I embraced all shades of pink, and now carry a pink purse while wearing my pink Nikes!

Pink screams "I am a girl".... why would that be seen as bad?


Pinklovers of the would unite!

JODSTER said...

I don't like pink, but to be honest, I painted my daughters room Pink with hearts.

Very pink.

I'm a sap for girls that way.

trine said...

I agree with Elle.... ;-)

pink is sweet, but reflexive pink is like razor sharpe pink. oh yeah baby. go for it.. ;-)

happyandblue2 said...

Your site looks purple in my browser.
I like the idea of pink for a girl. Way to go. And hurtful pink will keep annoying people out..

Sleeping Mommy said...

All that matters is whether you and your husband like it. But I know what you mean about what she said bothering you.

I like the pink! My little girl has all kinds of pink and lavender things. I love it!

honestyrain said...

it ticks me off that people are so weird about little girls and pink. people who say MY little girl is never going to wear pink. what, pink is bad? a color is bad? the color pink will define who they become?


my little girl wears lots and lots of pink and people have said things like oh she's wearing lots of pink. yes, and my son is wearing lots of green today. care to comment?

i like your pretty pink site. ;)

MommaK said...

I love pink, I have always loved pink and I will always love pink. I used to have a club called the "Pink Ladies" in school, like in the movie Grease, and we tried to be cool like Rizzo & Sandy. In highschool I even had a pink acid washed jean jacket...(gag)

To me pink is pretty and powerful all rolled into one. So, I'm with you. There can never be enough pink.

flossie said...

I've hated pink from a very young age. And I remember why. I was colouring with my brother and he wouldn't share the crayons. Finally he chucked me a pink one and yelled "That's the ONLY one you're allowed. The rest are BOY colours!" And from that day on, I rejected pink with the same violence I rejected brussel sprouts. (But for different reasons... Brussel Sprouts just taste yucky) But my friend built me a gentle yet VERY pink blog site, and you know... it's growing on me. :D