Saturday, June 18, 2005

TomKat (ugh), A/C, and Nature

So let's say for the sake of argument that A). Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are really in love and this is not all a publicity ploy and B). any of us really care about them at all. If the whole relationship and idiotic public displays of insanity are true, you know who I feel bad for? Nicole Kidman. I mean, she was married to the guy for ten years. He never jumped on a couch or pounded the floors declaring his love for her. He has been running all over the world saying that Katie is the "love of his life" - well then, why were you married twice before, once for just (suspiciously) under ten years? Poor Nicole has to sit around watching her ex making a fool of himself over some 26-year old broad while, according to her, she can't even get a date. I feel for her.
I did not have to go to the A/C place to beat anyone up. At 4pm (remember, he was supposed to be there between 12-2) the guy shows up at the door, totally unapologetic. I opened the door and just stared at him.
Annoying Non-English-Speaking A/C Guy: Here to fix air?
True Jersey Girl: You are two hours late.
ANESACG: I busy.
TJG: (snarling)I busy too. I have been waiting since noon.
ANESACG: So so busy.
TJG: You couldn't call to say you were going to be so late? I have been waiting for you and I do have other things to do.
ANESACG: (stammering) Oh, um, no, no call.
TJG: I called your office 50 times and there was no answer.
ANESACG: Um, they busy too.
TJG: You need a better system for appointments so that you aren't inconveniencing people, you know? I am extremely annoyed and you should be apologizing for this.
ANESACG: Oh, yes ma'am, so sorry for late. So busy, so sorry.

I shake my head, roll my eyes, and finally let him in the house. I have the dog behind the baby gates so he won't lick the guy to death, but with my dog your first thought is that he is going to eat you. He is a hyper pitbull mix who is straining at all times to lick people and jump on them, but strangers are afraid. I like that.

ANESACG: (nervous laughter looking at the dog): He cute.
TJG: He doesn't bite. Unless I tell him too.
ANESACG: (more nervous laughter and starts sweating. Perhaps a tear or two.)

He goes about fixing the A/C while I am in the kitchen doing whatever. He keeps glancing at me, perhaps making sure I am not sharpening knives. Finally, 45 minutes later, its done. Then, for 15 minutes, this:

ANESACG: (cannot understand him because of strong accent)
TJG: (nodding)
At least its fixed. And of course its in the 70's today so who needs A/C?
Finally, a good nature story. I have a cardinal's nest in the bush on the side of my house and its filled with little baby birdies! I can only see their little beaks opening trying to get food, but I am sure they are adorable. And its weird, but there are two cardinals coming to feed/check on them. One is bright red (male, I assume?) and one is only partially red (female, I assume?). Who knew the dad stuck around? I hope he gets a big Father's Day kiss from those cute little birdies.


Ally said...

Oozing sympathetic rage for your service-people trauma. I don't mind people being late, sometimes it's unavoidable - but I *do* mind them not letting me know. The whole implication there is that their time is worth more than yours :(.

I have three words on Tom Cruise: "Mid-Life Crisis". Or is that two-and a-half?

-xtessa- said...

sorry i late. i busy reading blogs. good, AC you have... wait, i channeled Yoda instead of ANESACG.;)

glad you're not sweltering there, girlie. and btw, i don't feel sorry for NK 'coz i think she's probably laughing her head off at them. she could be thinking, "poor katie. if she's really in love, then she's in for a surprise. tom can't get it up that's why we had to adopt!" LOL!!! (j.k.!)

happy father's day to your hubby!

trine said...

sorry you had such a day, glad it's fixed.

It's been hot hot hot here and I am very happy, but now very tired... !! :-)

Dunno if you're interested in this: but thought maybe you would be. I would, except, they don't pay for flights from Europe...

Dawn said...

I could care less about Tom Cruise and his love life....she is to young and he is to will never last....I love happy endings but come on......

janie q said...

nicole is too good for tom, thank god they split up because her work both before tom and after tom is so much better, as for katie, someone needs to give that girl a kick in the a**, hello, you split up with chris klein for tom??

MommaK said...

Yay! At least its fixed!! Just in time for Dad's Day :-)

Miss_Vicki said...

Hopefully he'll send Katie to college, because the way she sounded on Regis & Kelly (shut up, I was at the gym, it was either that or golf), she needs to learn how to utter a complete AND coherent sentence. Tom is too damn short, anyway.

Glad you got it fixed, at least. But why oh why couldn't be a 6 foot 2 dark-haired blue eyed hunk whose shirt accidentally fell off and..... oh wait, that's my fantasy. Sorry :op

Dawn said...

yea that tom cruise is crazy

Evey said...

I am not so sure its a publicity thing, i just think its pathetic. And sadly I feel for Katie, I mean does she really think it will last! have a pitt mix? Got any pics? We have a lab mix of some sort. Most people think she is a lab/pitt/greyhound or whippet mix

Sandy said...

I never thought of it from Nicole's POV. How true. Hopefully, she's just relieved she doesn't have to live with THAT anymore...what HAPPENED to him? ewwwwww
been seein' your name all over the place and had to check you out : )

vegemiterules said...

Nothing worse then hanging around wasting time waiting for tradesman.

There is such a thing as a PHONE!!!!, you would think that they could either get their office to call or use their mobile and let you know that they were running late.

Oh well, all sorted out now, how COOL!!!!

Tom and Katie who?????????????????

Just joshing, sick of hearing about them.

Have a great weekend.

Indigo said...

I am LMAO at the Tom & Katie who???? remark above me. LOL!

Glad you got everything all fixed! And good thing you've go that dog trained to bite people. Our's just lick to death, but they are large enough that people stay away.

Thanks for the bday wish! I'll save you a slice of cake tomorrow. :-)

PresentStorm said...

aweee I hope they lil daddy birdies gets kisses too

Glad the ac is fixed .

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my place earlier :)

T said...

No hablo the inglish chica... I would have been in the kitchen singing the Star Spangle Banner or National Anthem while he was working on the AC...HeeHee

Peanutt said...

Sounds like Old Mr. Cruise is looking to be in the spotlight once again. Yeah right, he's in love this time! Holmes is just fulfilling her childhood fantasy of being with Cruise and Cruise, well, is making himself look like an idiot!

Natsthename said...

I'm gonna comment on the birds...

Male Cardinals are, indeed, the brightly colored ones, and BOTH parents share in feeding the young birds. Lovely, eh?

Daisyhead said...

I thought the same thing about Nicole, but as usual she's handled it all with grace and style. She's a winner that one.


Elle said...

I agree with you about Nicole Kidman. How big of a shit head can you be Tom??? I am waiting for the Scientologists to show up at my door any moment and attach electrodes to my ... well, whatever they attach electrodes to. Don't you love the way he never talked about how he felt about Nicole because they have kids, yet he continues to rub his children's noses in the fact that he never really loved their mother. Jackass.