Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Random Thoughts on a Sunny Wednesday Afternoon

First of all, go check out Cori and the lovely image she posted of me (well, of my "essence", I guess). How flattering!
It is very, very hard to think when your kid is teething something awful and is up every hour all night long. My eyes are already itchy from allergies, and now they are heavy from lack of sleep. And I do not do well on no sleep, people. I could sleep 15 hours a day if I had the time.
I guess I did pretty well on my diet last week. I lost 5 pounds. It was tough to stick to it over the holiday weekend though (vodka is fat-free, right???), but I did the best I could do. I made a pact with myself to get back on track yesterday, which I did. Go me!
Is anyone else addicted to blogexplosion's blogrocket thing? I gotta get in on the battle of the blogs too...but if I were to lose, I am afraid my fragile ego will be crushed. And speaking of blog stuff - did you know that because I was not online for most of the weekend and neither were most of you, I slipped from an Adorable Rodent down to a Flappy Bird in TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem? Why this matters to me, I cannot explain. But for some reason it does.
I updated my blogroll yesterday to include some of you that I visit often but hadn't added...if you see you aren't on my blogroll but I am on yours...let me know so I can add you.
FYI from yesterday's post:
Grandmother's Name: Mary
Favorite Song: Boys of Summer
Favorite Food: Fettucini Alfredo
Favorite Smell: just-out-of-a-bath baby
Going out to enjoy this beautiful spring weather we are having! Have a great day!


Nam LaMore said...

gosh! thanks for adding me .. i'm now an amphibian! now, i just need to get to the next stage .. but, i'm happy as a newt.

janie q said...

vodka is definitely fat free on a long weekend, as it cheesecake! popcicles are a good trick for a little one teething, not sure if yours is old enough though.

Daisyhead said...

We were so lucky that our son had a relatively painless teething experience. Hopefully yours will get beter!

Guppyman said...

I have nothing to say, but I had to come see you anyways....


Toryssa said...

Is there really a fully stocked bar in your basement? How flippin' cool is that! Even if Fabio is the barman.

I love the picture of your daughter trying to get the beer. My son calls all alcoholic beverages Football Juice, which is really embarrassing at times.

Hope she is feeling better, teething is NOT fun.

Indigo said...

I ya! I wish I had words of wisdom to help you get through teething, but I don't, other than it sucked. And as a mommy, you feel rather helpless. I doused Kid in motrin, and that seemed to help.

I haven't tried blogrocket, yet. ;-) But I'm assure you, if there is something to be hooked on out there, I will find it!!

WTG on the diet! That's always someting to blog about!!

Indigo said...

good grief, I'm an idiot ... SOMETHING!!! Not someting. I sound like a 3 years old.

Katy said...

Saw you on the rocket LOL.

Cori said...

Just checking in with you....get some sleep.

Bumbling Bav said...

Teething babies.... motrin all the way! Baby drugs, gooooood!

Sleep, gooooood!

Vodka, goooooood!

Enjoy the sun, we have rain! Yucky bla!

Elle said...

There is a whole chapter in Weird NJ about where I live. I love it.

J&J'sMom said...

I love Cori's picture of you ;0) I'll have to check out that TTLB thing... like have so much time!

Charlie Mc said...

everything's No-Cal on the weekends!!! :)

Dawn said...

ooh teething can be tough -- hang in there

MommaK said...

I love Cori's picture of you:-)

Wow= 5 lbs...what's your diet??

Miss_Vicki said...

I gotta try that blogrocket thingy

Hopefully scotch is no-cal too ;)

sorry about the teething thing - more power to ya, I don't know if I could handle that one :)

trinamick said...

No calories in any booze - as long as you drink it standing up! :P

Mamacita said...

I like the Blog Rocket too.

I used to put teething rings in the freezer.