Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, GOODBYE!

Did you hear the screams of joy from the True Jersey house tonight?

I knew as soon as Anthony went to the couch that that's where they were putting the bottom three (which ended up being the bottom two). When Scott was sent over there and was rejoicing that he was "safe," did you see Anthony look at him and mouth something? I know he said, "Dude, we suck, we can't sing, we aren't safe."

Then, when Ryan (in his hideous suit) started the announcement of who was being kicked off by saying "Anthony..." you could see Scott start making his relieved face and kissing his hands up to God and all. HA! FOOLED YA, SUCKA!

Goodbye, Scott. Next week we will say goodbye to Anthony, and then we are down to a real top three where any of them could win and it would be okay.

OK, off to watch the Idol expose'! More tomorrow!


Lassa said...

Yes, thank goodness the American voters didn't f this week up like last week!
But what was up with Bo's glasses?!?

Steph said...

Bo looked like a white Lenny Kravitz in those glasses.

Christine said...


I don't watch American Idol, so I'm afraid I have nothing to add, but wanted to let you know I'm here!

Now just wait for Survivor tomorrow night! ;)

the frog princess said...

I knew it too. Now we can get rid of Anthony next week and have a real contest. I watched the expose but I don't know how I felt about it. This is the first season of Idol that I've watched (besides bits and pieces f te first one) but from what they showed of Clark on AI he sucked monkey butt. So who knows really? Maybe he really is just trying to promote his book and cd ... Paula irritated me all this season though, so I really don't care what happens because of the fallout.

Retro Girl said...

Woo-Hoo! We were bouncing around here, too! At first I was sure it was goig to be Anthony and then I felt equally bad when Ryan announced that it was also Anthony's birthday--but he made it through! Yay!

Note to Scott: You're 15 minutes were up weeks ago!

Tuesday Girl said...

I am so glad porky pig is gone

Miss_Vicki said...

LMAO I thought of you when I was watching that show last night.

That was hilarious. He did a live interview on our local news show out here, he said even though he appeared to look as though he thought he was safe, he kind of had a feeling he wasn't.

Whatever. There is justice in this world!!!!

J&J'sMom said...

I couldn't hear you over my own loud screams!!

Anonymous said...

Relieved to see Scott be gone! He was perhaps the most awkward performer EVER on the show.

Scully said...

I thought of you when I saw this!