Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Long Blathering Post About American Idol

So I have this post brewing in my head about Jane Fonda and how she is getting on my last nerve, but today I had to post about our favorite guilty pleasure, American Idol, instead. Bashing of Jane will come maybe tomorrow.

Did anyone else think they all pretty much sucked last night? No one sounded great. I think Anthony sounded the best, although when Ryan said "Anthony is coming up next and he'll be singing a Celine Dion song," my heart sank a bit. Not only because if I never hear another Celine song it will be too soon, but because while dear Anthony seems like a very sweet boy, and he is a decent singer, he does not have the chops to pull off a Celine song. But, whaddaya know, he did. Even Simon liked it.

Bo. Oh, Bo. Why are you trying to dredge up Jim Morrison's ghost? Simon commented on the sunglasses, but what about the shirt? I generally enjoy Bo, but this week I thought his vocals were shaky. The judges did not agree, and I am thinking perhaps they just want a rocker to win the competition so they are pushing him. It was hard to make a determination about Carrie, because I am not a fan of the twangy country thing. But I thought she sounded pretty good until even Paula had something negative to say. At least she didn't have the 80's-Jersey-big-hair-thing going on this week.

I think the winner of Most Improved Thusfar goes to Vonzell, who not only has a great voice but is also developing quite a polished stage presence. But she picked the wrong song last night. Some of the notes went too low for her, and she is better when she is belting it out. And I am a little concerned about the diva factor with her - did you hear her say that she won't speak to anyone all day on Tuesdays? People ask her questions and she will only respond in writing? Hm. And she said it wasn't just for her voice; it was also to prepare herself mentally. I see a Mariah-type breakdown in her future.

Constantine picked a terrible song that did not show off his voice, but did show that he is a poseur. I mean really. He seemed so fake singing a rock song but yet so at home singing the Bee Gees a couple weeks back. I thought the interesting thing was seeing his family, and how they appeared to be quite well-off. That surprised me. And you all know how I feel about Scott. He wasn't good and he needs to GO. I predict it is finally his turn.

And on one last Idol note, did you hear that apparently Ms. Paula is hooking up with Idol contestants, promising them a future in the music biz, and threatening them with career ruin should they ever tell anyone of the illicit affair? Next week on one of the news magazine shows (Primetime Live, I believe) there will be a whole expose on Idol which, apparently, we should not miss. Paula already has her lawyers attacking, trying to stop the show from airing. Sounds juicy.

So, that's that. And I know not many of you watch The Amazing Race (you really should), but I am getting sick of these non-elimination weeks! This week, Ron (the former Iraqi POW, who we like) and Kelly (his annoying former beauty queen girlfriend, who we don't like) came in last. Not only did they not get eliminated, but they won a special prize of $50,000 in future Travelocity travel, plus they got to spend the night in a posh hotel instead of sleeping on the sidewalk like the rest of the contestants.

Let me tell you how annoying Kelly is. Ron makes a comment that by traveling the world like this, he realizes that there is so much he wants to do before he settles down and has kids. She gets mad and says he can't commit to anything and his history proves it. He says, um, hello, I was committed to the army for years! She says, yeah, and you got out of that one early! He says, how did I do that? She says, YOU BECAME A POW. What a psycho.

Oh, I could go on and on about the Amazing Race, but I won't. I have bored you enough for today. Tomorrow, my "I am not Fonda Jane" post will hopefully be up. Unless drastic times call for drastic measures and I have to post on American Idol again tomorrow.


Elle said...

I would love if Paula is hooking up with contestants. That is soooo funny. Drugs, sex and Rock and Roll, BABY!!

Bo looked ridiculous last night.

Constantine, you are breaking my heart, get it together!!

Cori said...

I could have been sitting right next to you during these two shows! We would have had a blast. I agree with everything you have said. Constatine makes me sick though.I wonder how many chicks Simone has hooked up with?
I hate the girl in Amazing race. What a bitch.

Molly said...

Wow! I could have totally written that post about American Idol and Amazing Race as I feel the same way. AI sucked last night. When they said Anthony would be singing Celine I almost fell off the couch laughing and then he did okay with it. And Bo's shirt? How the heck did Simon make fun of the glasses and total steer clear of talking about the shirt???

Kelly on AR is the MOST annoying contestant ever. OH MY!

I have not heard this Paula gossip, how deliciously scandalous!

Michael K. Willis said...

American Idol started off the season looking rather promising during the preliminary rounds but everybody (contestants, judges, host) gravitated towards the mediocre (with an occasional highlight...but not many) once the final 12 were chosen. At this point I find it hard to imagine any of these folks making music that would inspire the platinum sales that Kelly, Ruben, Clay, and Fantasia have enjoyed.

MommaK said...

I tivo American Idol and usually just watch the WED show. I am not as into it this year. I just dont think the people are as good. Even though the judges keep hyping it to be "the best talent ever in the competion". Whatever.

I'm not a fan of Scott- never was. And I'm really not into the rocker thing. I think Vonselle & Carrie are the best left, but we'll see "what America thinks" tonight, right?!

That Paula gossip sounds juicy!! Keep me updated:-)

Nam LaMore said...

i realize that the nation is engrossed with 'american idol' - but it never caught on with me (it might be different if i had a tv, i suppose). i'm currently visiting the los angeles area, and this (along with the brad-jen bouhaha) is on everyone's lips.

paula is forever my girl, but she best be tellin' it strait up or i'll be blowing kisses in the wind instead of her way.

Raehan said...

Nooooo, I don't want to hear that news about Paula. That is just too weird and sad. Is it Constantine? That is just to weird. Nooo.

I also thought Anthony sang the best even though he has been my least favorite in the past.

Vonzell has been a favorite of mine for several weeks. I do think Bo probably has one of the best recording voices as in, "I would buy that record and listen to it." Carrie is good, too. Constantine...I like, I don't think he has the most talent.

Don't watch amazing race.

Bumbling Bav said...

Thanks for bringing me up to speed! I missed the show last night.

This Paula thing, um, very interesting!

Bridget Unnel said...

I'm totally hating that I opted not to watch it this season. I hear all the entertainment is coming from Paula!

Molly said...

Eww! so Paula supposedly hooked up with "Sideshow Bob" aka Corey Clark, that is pretty crazy! I can't wait for the expose! Thanks for the heads up Jersey Girl. I was clueless to the AI gossip. quite interesting

aka_monty said...

I was just telling my mother (another AI fan) about the prime time special next week...she said my brother told her that it is going to focus ALSO on paula and being hooked on painkillers...but my brother sometimes just makes stuff up. :)

GO HOME SCOTT! GO HOME SCOTT! Awful, awful..even my beloved home-girl Carrie wasn't on top of her game last night...

And THANK YOU for not being the only one who is ready for the POW and the BEAUTY(?) Queen to get the hell out...she works my nerves.
I have to say that I'm not fond of Gretchen, either, because she looks and sounds like the Sperm Donor's mother...*shudder*

Miss_Vicki said...

It definitely wasn't the best Idol week, but Carrie and Bo are still my favorites. Although, Vonzell is doing very well, and she's just as good as anyone else up there. Anthony - I just don't like him. He's got a very nice voice, but not for Idol. He's more of a Josh Groban type. Scott or Anthony needs to go home this week, fer sure.

Don't watch Amazing Race, I'm a Survivor junkie all the way :)

mrsmogul said...

True> i saw the title and did not read the post because we dont get AI here til FridaY! I want to save the surprises for myself. But I am here and luv ya!

trine said...

As you know I don't watch American Idol as it winds me up too much, but I do love reading your posts about it, much better than the real thing!!

landismom said...

I can't believe you're watching TAR instead of Veronica Mars, which is clearly the best show on network tv right now (despite the fact that it is shown on the uber-unlikely UPN). Check it out!

A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

Okay, so I am totally pissed about last night's American Idol... and I mean Wednesday's. Paula, GET OVER IT. Although I do like Constantine, she is totally hittin' it. Obnoxiously ridiculous. And Scott, please go somewhere other than on stage again, like beat your girlfriend or something like you did before, THEN, maybe you'll get kicked off!
-Career Woman

J&J'sMom said...

Sounds like I'm glad my Tivo screwed up and taped an old episode of CSI instead. I love Connie man...but..he sucked on Tues. My 2..Carrie and Bo. Scotty has the underdog factor, Vonzelle, while I like her..giggles to damn much, and Blondey Boy just plain annoys me..I HATE Celine Dion!

I'm there for the PrimeTime live...should I bring wine? ;0)

Sleeping Mommy said...

Have I told you how totally on board I am with you about Scott?

Meanwhile, I swear, Paula has been drunk for the last two months at least.

the frog princess said...

I went to a wine tasting instead of seeing Wednesday AI, but I'm happy as hell to see Constantine go (however alone I may be) although I wish Scott and Anthony would drop out for just being themselves. Anthony's not star material, though he may be great in musical theater, and Scott... what could I say about Scott that hasn't already been said?