Friday, October 21, 2005

I am a Cool Girl

Remember how a few weeks ago I said that the cool girl at work had asked me to go to lunch with her? Well, I have been so busy at work that I haven't even taken a lunch. Until this week. So I called Cool Girl and asked if she was going out to lunch today and if she'd mind if I joined her. She said sure, as long as I was NOT a human resources person when we left the building. I was like, I am not really an HR person when I am IN the building. I'm just me. Because they like to talk trash on our co-workers and bosses, which is all good with me. I likes me some good gossip now and again.

So we went out to lunch, there were 4 of us together and they decided that I needed to be hazed to get into the group. So they peppered me with some questions and of course I passed the test and I am now a Cool Girl too. None of them have kids, so I think they expected me to be this politically correct, prim and proper, serious-minded, HR, mommy type person. And if you have been reading my blog for more than oh, say, 10 minutes, you know that isn't me.

We laughed, we talked, we ate (yep, I met girls who actually EAT when they go out - no salads for these broads!), and we had a good time. Yay, I have new friends at work. I thought I was pretty much done making friends because, well, I don't really like people all that much. But these girls are pretty cool and fun.
This weekend I am doing NOTHING. Well, almost nothing. We took Princess out for pizza tonight, and I am doing dinner with my mom and sister and Princess tomorrow night. But other than that - I am resting and relaxing and vegging and preparing myself for the wedding next weekend. I don't know if you were reading me back then, but I wrote a whole post about how I was going to fistfight one of my cousins at the wedding, and now I learn she will not be there. That sucks. The groom, who is also my cousin, said I could use his sword to fight her too (he's a Marine). Damn, that would have been fun.


aka_monty said...

Hey, you've always been a Cool Girl to me. :)

And DAMN, I was sincerely looking forward to pictures of you wielding a sword on someone at the wedding.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

enjoy your weekend of nothing!!!
and i like to eat when i go out too, mmmmm, food.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You've always been a Cool Girl to me as well!

-xtessa- said...

no salads here, as well! and that makes me cool, right?! LOL!

too bad about the wedding... that would've been interesting!

Ally said...

I'd say after about one minute, let alone ten :).

Mitey Mite said...

Yin and Yang. You can't run your cousin through with a sword, but on the other hand, you're eating with the Cool Girls. Pretty good trade, I'd say.

annie said...

Oooo, I hate them "salad people", too.
You have a salad before EATING your MEAL!

Toryssa said...

Hurrah for the Cool Girls! New girlfriends are always fun, especially if they end up being as cool as you think they are.

And even MORE hurrah's for a nothing weekend. Your life exhausts me, relax and enjoy!

Bumbling Bav said...

You almost make me want to go out and get back into the career game... almost. Please don't tell me you get to pee by yourself!

Wirthy said...

Congratulations on joining the 'cool' group.

just thought i'd let you know that I just bought Bon Jovi tickets. $75 a piece plus about $15 in convenience charges. How convenient.

la la la I can't hear you said...

I bet she's not going cause she heard about the marine sword. Shucks.

And I told you you were cool already when you first said that woman asked you to lunch.

why doesn't anyone evah listen to me?

Mike said...

Very cool to us!

J&J'sMom said...

AWWWW! I loves me some good fist fightin'!!! Have a blast in Key'll love it!!!I found most of the locals are friend is in her 80's and very stubborn with her stubborn dog...she seems to thing she'll be fine unless she loses her roof. We shall see! Flood waters tend to flow off the island pretty quickly and they are not prone to storm should be fine!

Master Foley said...


Master Foley

Kathleen said...

Yay on the no salad girls! I'm a vege and just get annoyed when people tell me to have a salad for lunch. Salad is NOT food! Salad is a precursor to food!!!

I hope the cousin's wedding is better than the last one!