Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More About My Trip, Part One

The main reason that New Orleans rules are signs like this. Cheap beer and you can drink it on the go:

We had a great time down in the Big Easy, eating at our favorite restaurants (Crescent City Brewery, Coop's, Maspero's, Bubba Gump's) and drinking at our favorite bars (Lafitte's and Tropical Isle). We did lots of shopping and spent lots of money (that was our contribution to post-Katrina N'Awlins - you were not going to see my ass out there cleaning up or building houses, but I can pump money into the economy like nobody's business!). We really spent most of our time walking around, enjoying the atmosphere down there (so relaxed and casual, jazz music everywhere you turn, good smells on Decatur Street from good restaurants - bad smells that still smell good on Bourbon Street).

Me and Patsy on Bourbon Street, standing with another sign that you only see in New Orleans.

My favorite part, other than the obvious (which would be Voodoo Daquiris, with My Chemical Romance playing on the jukebox) was eating at Nola, Emeril's "casual funky" restaurant. It was not casual in terms of price, that's for sure (my meal itself was $27 - whereas I am used to paying $8.99. Yep, I am a classy broad.). But it was so fantastic - the meal was so scrumpdilliumptious (you heard me) that it melted in your mouth and the service was amazing. Amazing meaning that I asked the waiter where the ladies room was and he took my arm and walked me there. It was worth every penny, and me and Hub decided that we need to start dining in better establishments more often. Of course the next day we went to the place we call "The Drag Queen Diner" - I think the real name is the Cloverleaf Diner. Its in the gay section and is fabulous, in every way. The waiters are flamboyant (example: Mommie Dearest was on the tv) and the food is greasy but delish. Their sign advertising the food says, Check Out Our Weenies! It does not get better than that.

Here's me and Patsy under the sign that bears our name.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention I picked up some broad from Nebraska. She was visiting with her mom and was out drinking alone, so I let her join us for a few hours and I do think she had the time of her life. She even got me out on the dance floor which just does not happen. Hallelujah there are no pictures of that. Well, none that I will admit to.

And finally here's me and Hub in the Best Bar Ever, Lafitte's, with the best drink ever, the Voodoo Daquiri (for those of you who have asked - its made with ice, grape juice, bourbon, and everclear. Yep, everclear.)

So again, I will say that if you have not been to this fabulous city, you should go. There really is more to do there than drink and its a beautiful part of America that is truly like nowhere else you have ever been. If you are looking for a great place to travel, consider it. You'll have a helluva time and the locals will appreciate your support.

Coming next time: The Wrath of Katrina: Why George Bush Sucks So Hard and Has Deserted An Entire Region for the Past 18 Months, as observed in a semi-non-partison manner by your pal True. There are pictures you just have to see to believe.


Natsthename said...

I want to go baaaaack there! I can hardly wait to hear about Bush sucking so hard! (HE DOES!)

All of the sudden, I'm thirsty for a beer...and it must be huge assed!

Andie said...

Holy crap that is a big-ass beer!

Can't wait to read "Bush sucks..."

mrsmogul said...

Three years ago our friend's French girlfriend went to school there. He, A Greek, went to visit her there a lot. Once they were ordering daquiris in a restaurant and he asked the waiter, Can i have a "Daq-ui-rey" pronouncing it like the French. THe waiter had no idea what he was saying and he corrected him with a "buddy, here it's a daquiri!"

It was that spring break that among all her college classmates, the French girl went with the Greek guy to Qatar and not FLorida.

TheSugarV said...

Hheehe Huge ass beer...I love it!

Mone said...

Hia, I just stopped by, you have some cool pictures here! Now I know there is at least one spot in America where I can have my beer on the go. Thats good news!!! I'll be back to check what you got in store about Bush! I have the feeling it will be good.
CU :)

Ben O. said...

I'm trying to think of something that you can fill in this blank that wouldn't be a good thing . . .

"Huge Ass _________ to go"

Fun stuff - Ben O.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great pictures, True!

trinamick said...

Hope the Nebraska chick represented us well! Great pics.

Chas Ravndal said...

Wow lovely pictures and what a cheap beer. Most people here from our country, Norway would certainly love it. Coz beer here doesnt come cheap.

I always wanted to go to New Orleans and try creole types of food

Tuesday Girl said...

This is one place in the US that I am dying to go. Sounds like you had a great trip!

Evey said...

Love the pics especially the one of you and the big ass beer. Holy shit! lol. Chris and I have been talking about planning a trip out there in the near future. My sister in laws husband lived there while he went to Tulane Law school and he LOVED it.

Kathleen said...

Hey! When did you come back and how did I miss it???

We were stranded in NO two years ago (the year of Katrina) and it was incredible, and I'm not even that big of a drinker.

And I'm always willing to read about how badly Bush sucks, so I eagerly await your non-partisan essay.

Pinky said...

Looks Fabulous! I've never been, but anywhere you can walk around with HUGE ASS BEERS is a good place to be! :)

Hey - I'm going to see Richie Sambora tonight perform at a writers night here in Nashville. I'm hoping JBJ shows up too as I know he's in town! Thought I'd let the other #1 Bon Jovi Fan know they are writing and recording here now.

Pinky (aka Vixen)

Sharon said...

Where in NJ? I was raised in Absecon, NJ and actually was a Blackjack & Roulette dealer at Golden Nugget & Sands in Atlantic City. One other question if you don't mind; where did you get this great template? Looks like you had a fun trip!