Friday, March 02, 2007

America Hates Gays and Ugly Chicks!

So in watching American Idol last night, I have come to the following conclusions about Americans:

1. We hate gays more than we hate Indians (please forgive me if Sanjaya is not Indian but some other nationality - I really don't know). Now, I LOVE Sanjaya. I think he is just about the cutest, sweetest thang I have ever seen. He is like a little puppy dog. But to send the other guy home, the swishy fella who can both sing and dance, instead of Sanjaya who is a cutie but can't seem to get enough confidence to sing well - its a travesty. My heart broke when they sent the merry lad home. Its just not right. He wasn't going to win, but didn't deserve to go home yet. That kid can sing, dawg.

2. We don't care if girls can sing, we just want them to be hot and take nekkid pics of themselves doing nasty things. Antonella has such a sub-par voice its not even funny. I would like nothing more than for a girl repping Jersey to be great, but instead she is pretty but can't sing and seems to have a serious attitude (alright, that part is pretty much Jersey, I admit that). She is just getting votes because she is pretty and she has all those semi-scandalous pics out there. And here's a question - why is it ok that she has these pics floating around (including her on a toilet and her drinking underage) and that's ok, but those pics of Frenchie in lingerie were enough to get her kicked off? I'll let you figure that one out.

3. The judges are pretty much morons. My favorite example of this is how one week they tell them they are playing it safe by singing xyz kind of music and they need to take more chances. So the next week they do, and then the judges tell them they are best at singing xyz music and they should stick to what they are good at. Whaaaa???? And, on top of that, if Paula Abdul ever constructs a single coherent thought, I think I will just about die.

4. Why don't Simon and Ryan just do it already???


Guppyman said...

1. He may be able to sing, but it's American Idol... Not America's (should be in) drag review. If we wanted showtunes, we would have kept him... Sannjaya needs to go... but then again, so do most of the guys....

2. The girls who left weren't exactly the creme of the crop. I am actually enjoying that VFTW is keeping pornstar around for now... Frenchie got screwed BTW.

3. The judges are pointless once America starts voting... I'd ditch the first 2 and just leave Simon if it was my choice... he may not say it in the nicest way, but he's the only one who is honest.

4. lol

Bev - Living In Hormoney said...

I loved Sanjaya in the audition, but he's singing like a wimp now. (what makes you think he's straight?) heh He should have gone home for sure last night.

I'm so glad that hoity toity girl got sent home, but Antonella and her attitude should have been flushed last week.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

These shows are the same over hear; controlled by Cowell, who runs them for who he chooses, regardless of whether the others are better.

Christen the TV Junkie said...

Fellow Jersey Girl here:

I agree with most of your assessment of America. However, don't forget how much we all LOOOOOVED Clay Aiken! He was just as gay if not gayer than AJ!

And I thought Alaina was pretty. Like I said in my blog, Alaina and Leslie should have followed suit and had some racy photos leaked after their poor song choices!

It IS such a shame that the two worst might make it to the top 12. Barba because she has the VFTW votes and the males fantasizing about her. Sanjaya because he is *strangely* found cute. I don't get the cute thing with him. I think he has horse teeth and bad hair but that's just me.

Patsy Darling said...

Wait a second, Do you seriously believe Sanjaya is straight? No freaking way is your gaydard totally off. Please he is gayer than a Christmas Goose. He is the Swishy Ishy of the competition. Aj is fem as well. I also have to wonder about the black guy in the pink tee shirt singing Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper to his grandma. What black guy even knows that song besides Joe V. And he only knows it because he's whiter than us.

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Ok, in response - I am not sold on the idea that Sanjay is gay. Not saying he's NOT, but I think he might just be shy and reserved. I have heard MANY people commenting on Sanjay and the fact that he is "not American so he shouldn't win American Idol" which is the stupidest thing ever. So my comment was just that America would rather get rid of the obviously gay one than the obviously not-white one.

And yes, Clay is supa-gay now, but at the time it was just kinda suspected (like Sanjay I suppose). And I never really liked Clay - he was too corny.

Since there is no rocker this year like the now-lame Chris Daughtry, I am rooting for the chick with the same hair color as me (Gina I think?). She just needs to kick up the rockstar quality. And I like Melinda and Lakeisha too - they are just leaps and bounds above everyone else.

the frog princess said...

I don't like Sanjaya -- he's cute in a little puppy way but he's a very weak singer and he has no personality when they try to actually talk to him. He and Antonella should have gone home with Leslie and the Fever guy.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sanjaya and Brandon are both gay ... but let's see if they can start singing decently!

BTW, though, my favorite part of the show last night was when Kelly Pickler was on with her huge new boobs and Ryan kept saying, "so what have you bought with your money? Just shoes?" hehe ...

Naynayfazz said...

I totally missed the joke Ryan was making about Kelly's new boobs. My boyfriend had to point that out to me. Duh...

On New Year's Eve this past year, I met the mothers of Antonella and her stupid friend Amanda (from Holmdel) at a party. Their moms were BASHING American Idol saying how fixed it is and how rude the producers are to people. When Amanda was kicked off Idol, her plane ticket home was THROWN under her hotel door and she was told to leave immediately.

I will still watch AI, no matter how cheesey and unfair it is. It is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Naynayfazz said...

Sorry to leave another comment, but that is awesome that you bought jewelry from my bud Trish. We used to go to HS togetherand she got me into blogging. Check out her sister Lisa's blog. It is a great blog too!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i have yet to watch a single episode, but simon's presence is know, thanks to media coverage and LOL to #4. maybe it already has?

mail said...

I can't believe all the live-and-on-television run-ins Ryan and Simon are having. Very weird.
Former Jersey Girl,
The Boomer Chronicles

Carmi said...

This week's outcome is further proof that American television viewers are complete morons.

Then again, this entire show is moronic, and serves as further proof that the hitmaking machine that churns out modern popular music is completely bereft of artistic merit.


Still, I'll be watching next week. There's nothing like a train wreck. 30+ million people seem to agree.

B. Kitty said...

We were on board the Sanjaya train until the hula demonstration.

And THAT was even a lil too gay for us..