Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Meme of 7's

But first: Yes, for those of you interested, I do live right in the heart of Soprano-land in NJ. Yes, the show is very accurate. In fact, on my street growing up, there was a mob hit. The guy opened the door and was shot to death. Unfortunately, they hit the wrong house. All in a day's work, I suppose.
Had a busy day yesterday bbq'ing and drinking with my some of my girlfriends, and today is equally busy. So I leave you with this: the meme of 7's. I was tagged by Better Safe Than Sorry this time. Read to the end to see if you are tagged:

7 things I plan to do before I die
1. Visit Scotland and Ireland to see family
2. Have a job I really love
3. Open a bar with Patsy Darling
4. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
5. Meet Jon Bon Jovi
6. Get an ipod
7. Go on an African safari (once they get rid of all the mosquitos and flies)

7 things I can do
1. Throw a kickass party
2. Blend up strong margaritas
3. Make good fajitas
4. Drink alot and not puke in my hands
5. Make Princess laugh
6. The 35-minute Firm exercise dvd
7. Tape all your buns together

7 things I cannot do
1. Sleep
2. Get my hair to stay straight in the summer
3. The whole 55-minute Firm exercise dvd
4. Shots of Rumple Minz (anymore)
5. Pass up a cold beer
6. Figure out what a podcast is
7. Decide if I want this HR Director job

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. tall
2. nice eyes
3. an "edge"
4. tattoos
5. working-man hands
6. nice arse
7. sense of humor

7 things that I say most often
1. Whatever!
2. Where's my drink?
3. Nope, I didn't get around to cleaning the house today
4. I'm almost done on the computer
5. No, we're not watching Blue's Clues again
6. Are you still looking at internet porn?
7. No whining!

7 celebrity crushes
1. Jon Bon Jovi
2. Billy Lane
3. Keanu Reeves
4. Eddie Vedder
5. LL Cool J
6. Trent Reznor
7. Henry Rollins

7 people I want to do this
1. Xtessa
2. D-Crunk
3. Jennism
4. Sleeping Mommy
5. Charlie Mc
6. Drunken Master
7. Nat
....and since Nat is out of town, I'll also tag Trine, since she loves playing tag with me. If you don't want to do it, don't. No pressure here.
And also, go check out this week's Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers. This is my first time participating - my link is down in Southern NJ by Atlantic City because that's what my post was about. Who knew there were so many Jersey bloggers out there?


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you haven't met bon jovi yet, how can that be?????????????
i noticed under everything you can do, most of it is party related, now i'm wondering how the taping of our buns fits into that, hmmmmmm.

pia said...

Loved your Atlantic City post.

Used to go to Montauk, Point Pleasant or Wildwood; go to California now--use skymiles and everything's a bit cheaper there

Live in Manhattan, but I'm a LonguyIsland girl through and through--gawd, am I, and soon there's going to be an Islandblog that's going to kick your collective arses--or so I've been told.

Not that I want to kick yours--but the Island vs Jersey.

But do think that the Sopranos is the best show ever on TV. Edie Falco and Jamie Lynn whoever she is now are both from the Island--one from someplace I'm from.

trine said...

argh! ;-)
alrightly i'll do it. 7 was after all my lucky number when i was a kiddo (born on the 7th of september, that's why....)

Sleeping Mommy said...

It's been a while since I did a meme, so I think I will humor ya. :)

My husband is a huge Sopranos fan, he sucked me into it after when we got married, it was after the first one or two seasons, so I never saw those.

Danielle said...

You have got to meet JBJ! Seems we have a few 7s in common, in addition to us both living in soprano-land. My mom's friend actually lives in the house that was used as the exterior for the show. Have a good one... D

PresentStorm said...

yeah what is up with the bun taping ?

I have noticed a BUNCH of Jersey peeps blogging .They all seem to be very cool also .I so want to visit Jersey one day .I have a good friend I met online years ago that I still stay in contact with that lives in Jersey .I may just have to get there one day for a visit .

MommaK said...

One of these days I have got to come to a party of yours:) Great lists True. Hope you had a good weekend!

Stationery Queen said...

LOL on "The Breakfast Club" reference.


-xtessa- said...

you tagged me just in time... LOL! i was tagged with this meme last week so i was about to post it anyways.;)

LOL on the internet porn... hubby was doing that just yesterday!

Curator said...

Oktoberfest! Damn good call TJG. That's on my list as well.

If we're there the same year, I'll buy you a monster beer German style.


Loz said...

i love that you said 'arse'!!

mrsmogul said...

Henry Rollins? I never thought of him as sexy. I'll have to google a pic and check out his package.

My friend is the location scout for the Sopranos. AND I've been to that MOB neighborhood - my sis lives near it! She took me on a driving tour around the gaudy homes and I was going to take a picture but she quickly swerved around because we didn;t want to get shot at! When I am there soon, I am taking a pic of some of the homes! They are really ostentatious!

Danielle said...

awesome list, oh how i would love to meet jon bon jovi!!!

Bridget Unnel said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the non-tag! Pheeeeeew!!

Loved your lists though. Personally, I mastered the elephant lamp. Eat your heart out, Brian Johnson.

Master Foley said...

I heart Soprano's

and I'll get right on this meme

Camy Leon said...

That Soprano shit is scaary. They've shot a few scenes in my hood. Some at the cemetary by my old high school.

That's funny, I just wrote something about Henry Rollins on my blog. My nephew was behaving like him. I think Rollins is Hawt, and great for sex. *Blushes*

Mainline Mom said...

It's funny that I just posted about my new celeb crush, Brandon Flowers from the Killers, and then I came over to read your blog and saw your celeb crush list. Looks a lot like mine. I see you also have The Killers Hot Fuss on your listening list. I haven't bought the whole CD yet, just some choice songs on iTunes. Is the whole thing good?