Thursday, February 01, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

I saw at Costco last night that the band Roxette has a greatest hits cd. It features 20 songs. How is this possible?

Do you think that when Gerard Way sings the line, "I'm so dirty, babe" he is talking directly to me since I like dirty boys and my nickname from Hub is babe? I choose to believe so. Please don't burst my bubble.

It is amazing how a watermain break can change a 30 minute commute into a 90 minute commute.

I got some new trendy-ish cropped wide-leg pants and I am wearing them today with tall black high-heeled boots. I think they look pretty cute but I am usually anti-trend so its hard to know.

I wish I could find black eyeshadow that stays put and doesn't smear all over the place.

43 days till Patsy and our crew head to New Orleans! Woo hoo!

When a doctor says that your kid has a virus, I think it just means that he has checked her ears and throat and she doesn't have an ear infection or strep. He has no idea what's really wrong but hopes that tylenol for 5 days will make her A-OK again. Idiot.


JM said...

Was that displayed next to the "The Best of Mandy Moore " CD by any chance?

Southern Sweetheart said...

I'm sure the trendy-ish pants looked cute!

And black eye shadow? Girl, if I could pull that off without looking like a dead raccoon I'd be happy to share the tip but unfortunately it just doesn't work for me.

And I'm new here -- so what's going on in New Orleans in 43 days? Vacation or ???

Bob-kat said...

There must be some mistake - it must be impossible for Roxette to have anything more than a greatest hits single!

Of course Gerard is singing to you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'm right with you on the commuting thing. Laterly a drive that takes 10 minutes at any other time of the day has been taking me 45 minutes. Why????

Patsy Darling said...

Of course Gerard is singing to you let's just hope Dad doesn't find out.
Wait and what's this someone new doesn't know about us and N'awlins.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sometimes, a 'Best Of' album might be hard to fill.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Have a beignet and coffee au lait at Cafe du Monde for me!

Sigh ;-)