Friday, February 16, 2007

One Month Till Heaven

Only a month till we go to New Orleans. I can't wait. New Orleans is my favorite place on the planet. Truly, it is like home to me. This will be my 6th trip there. There are 6 of us going (we will, of course, be Princess-free) and its such a good group of friends. Patsy will be going with her man diddy, and the truth is that we can have good times anywhere but we have out best times in New Orleans. And my cousin and his wife are going with us, which completely rocks. The last time I went on vacation with him, it was to Vegas and that was good times. His wife is one of the coolest chicks on the planet. Patsy and I can't wait to show them around our city...all our favorite Lafitte's for Voodoo Daquiris, Tropical Isle for Hand Grenades, Pat O'Brien's for Hurricanes, Coop's for the best chicken sandwiches that take 4 hours to make, and my favorite restaurant/bar - The Crescent City Brewhouse. New Orleans is the only place where Hub drinks way too much and throws up. I am so proud.

Between now and New Orleans, I have 3 concerts, and then another the weekend after we come back. Its complete insanity. This jetset life is going to kill me. Ah, but I do love it. This weekend is our Mardi Gras party and I can't wait for that. Next weekend is the Lemonheads on Saturday and My Chemical Romance (look out, Gerard, here I come! You'll recognize me because I will be the only chick over 16 years old in the pit!) on Sunday, and the following weekend is Papa Roach with Kill Hannah. When we come back, we have Taste of Chaos which I can't wait for. That's The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, Evaline, Senses Fail, and some other bands. I love concerts. I am such a teenager.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a jetset life you lead! You really live in the fast lane. Enjoy every event you see.

Southern Sweetheart said...

Girl I'm tired just reading all the stuff you have lined up to do. I could live vicariously through you for the next 2 months! haah

I hope you have a fabulous time at every single one of these places! Congrats to you. I'm happy for you.

Bob-kat said...

I love concerts too but haven't been to one for a while. New Orleans seems a fab place to go. Just reading your post I'm picking up on your excitement and it's rubbing off on me. Now I want to go somewhere!

Have fun - I know you will! :-)

JM said...

Hope you won't need to pack your bullet-proof vest, but if you stick to the tourism district you'll be fine. Sounds like some fun plans! It's true that you're only as old as you feel, too bad I feel like I'm in my twenties but I guess it could be worse.

Anonymous said...

don't know how you do it. my kids listen to most of those, i'm more mainstream (older) so i know the songs and the groups, but don't know who does what.
look out new orleans, hope they are ready for you and your friends!