Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Today's Playlist

Here's what I am playing on repeat today:
  1. Don't Hurt Yourself - Beyonce f/ Jack White
  2. Jolene - White Stripes
  3. Stop Crying - Bobby Bare, Jr.
  4. Right Turn - Alice in Chains f/ Chris Cornell
  5. Nutshell - Aaron Lewis 
  6. Midlife Crisis - Faith No More
  7. Whenever We Wanted - John Mellencamp
  8. Emily - From First to Last
  9. Criminal - Fiona Apple
  10. I Want You So Hard - Pearl Jam
  11. A Deep Slow Panic - AFI
Mostly all old-school there, and several cover songs. The only new ones are Beyonce and Pearl Jam. I'm always obsessed with Pearl Jam, and I've always liked and admired Beyonce but with her Lemonade release, I'm really enjoying her.

This is a really strange mix of music, now that I look at it. A little sad and wistful, despite me not feeling that way at all. 

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