Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Today's Playlist

Here's what I'm listening to today (there's some new-to-me stuff I'm digging, which is a change from me having the same 40 songs on repeat all day, errry day):

  1. Hello - Adele (sorry, this one has me. My cousin and I have an inside joke going with it, and it just made me love it more.)
  2. Fall to Pieces - Velvet Revolver (RIP Scott Weiland)
  3. The Knock - Hop Along
  4. Waitress - Hop Along
  5. Sprained Ankle - Julien Baker
  6. Too Late To Die Young - Beach Slang
  7. Come Undone - Duran Duran (bringin' it back)
  8. Drown - Bring Me The Horizon (still love this song; I just can't quit it)
  9. Fall in Love - Phantogram
  10. Love, Reign O'er Me - Pearl Jam
  11. Hard to Imagine - Pearl Jam
  12. Paralyzed - Failure Anthem (kinda cheesy generic fake-metal ballad, but I like it)

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